Should People Be Allowed to Smoke With Minors in a Vehicle?

The controversy over individuals smoking in vehicles with those under legal age has been an ongoing debate for many years in the United States. The restriction of minors being present in the hands of smokers operating a vehicle has been popularly concerned and expressed through the passing of laws in which enforce an age limit on those smoking with minors in a vehicle. The U.S. legislation restricting those operating a vehicle and smoking while minors are present was established in the following states as of July, back in 2014: Arkansas, Louisiana, Maine, California, Oregon, Vermont and Utah.  

Individuals with minors present in an operated vehicle is a red flag for obvious health reasons due to the causes that second-hand smoking can lead to. Second-hand smoking with youth is becoming a growing concern to the public and has been reasonably argued. Many believe minors isolated in vehicles with smokers is dangerous and shouldn’t be allowed.

Despite the numerous restrictions smokers have in public areas, the discussion over the allowance of smoking in vehicles with children has been formally addressed. Enforcing the law in which bans this could potentially be taken into effect in your neighborhood as the issue is more taken in account for, the reason partially being the child not having the decision to ultimately get in a car with an individual 18 and older whom smokes. For an adult, however, the circumstances in this situation are different. Older individuals’ have a say on whether or not to risk health problems caused from second-hand smoking and to engage in this activity.

Some believe a law enforcing this issue shouldn’t be put into effect because ultimately, it is an adults’ decision to expose his/her child in a smoking environment and to live with health concerns a child may grow up to experiment. Restricting the right of an individual 18 and over to smoke in a vehicle with a minor present can be seen as an invasion of privacy to American citizens.

The controversy over determining whether or not to ban smoking in vehicles with minors present will continue to be a growing concern. Children’s health in the relevancy to the topic has always been a major issue since the popularity in regards to the usage of cigarettes and tobacco products. But smoking cigarettes while in a vehicle with a minor present isn’t the only problem. With technology advancing, the popularity with the usage of e-cigarettes and similar vaping devices in our generation are commonly used while operating a vehicle by those under 18.

Actions need to be made in regards to the American youth effected by second-hand smoking in vehicles. Changes should be established around America in order to help prevent the health damage done by tobacco products and electronic cigarette devices.



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