Opinion: The Deal With the Death Penalty

The death penalty is one of the most controversial topics in the United States today. Some say that “The death penalty fails to recognize that guilty people have the potential to change” while others say “murderers deserve to die”. Arguments over the death penalty have been going back and forth for years on end, with no clear compromise between the two.

I want to note that most of the people who deserve death penalty have taken away people’s lives. If they take away a person’s life, then I believe that it is not rightful that the victimizer keeps their own life. This especially goes for people who are child molesters or have, likewise, committed terrible crimes. Society has an obligation to kill these people because of the horrific nature of the crimes. Additionally, I would like to add that the death of a victimizer does not remove the pain they have caused to the victim and/or victim’s family. However in a moral sense, the retribution of the victimizer gives the victims’ families a feeling of closure of the crime. Yes, there will still be distress even after the victimizer is dead, nevertheless the victim/victim’s family gets justice. And if the victim/victim’s family gets this justice, then the justice system is doing its job.

Additionally, more prisoners that get life sentences instead of the death penalty means that prison systems will be overcrowded. This overcrowding leads to a lack of resources, putting prisoners in miserable conditions. Additionally, the idea of a death sentence gives the criminal a reason to help the police. Plea bargaining is used to gain more information in exchange for a less severe sentence. If a criminal’s life is on the line, they will most likely give in to the plea bargain so they do not receive the death sentence.

Now some may argue that the death penalty is cruel and inhumane. However, molesting a child and crimes likewise are cruel and inhumane. Furthermore, “the methods of execution have gradually become more humane over the years”, so the death penalty is not as barbaric as it is portrayed by some. Additionally, death penalties serve as a crime deterrent to others. Many people against the death penalty argue that there is no specific data for this point. However, if you look at it from a logical standpoint, wouldn’t you not want to commit a horrific crime if you knew it could result in death?

Many people who argue against death penalty focus on the cost-effectiveness for the prison and the criminal’s outcome. However, they need to realize that the death penalty is to bring justice to the victim/victim’s family. If a criminal has no remorse for what they did, whether it is raping a child or murdering a family, then I personally think that they do not deserve to have a second chance in life.



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