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The 2018 Women’s March: Revolution Doesn’t Give Up

Another year, another milestone for women. The Trump Administration’s first year in office brought scandal, investigation, outrage, one legislative win and ended in a government shutdown. Today, over 300 rallies in every U.S. state show that the resistance has never forgotten what they stood for.

Oddly enough, the President himself decided to tweet this support for the protests today, confusing some about the true intentions of the march.

However perplexing this may be, given that the ideology of the Women’s March is generally Anti-Trump, this is one of Trump’s textbook reactions: taking credit for something he had nothing to do with. It’s his way of assuring this base that everything is going according to “plan.”

Despite a yay or nay from the president and his cabinet, women (along with men and non-binary folk) are out in full force today. Denver, my home city, is showing a resistance we should truly be proud of and had some particularly genius signs.

From “Every Blizzard Starts With A Single Snowflake” to “Love Still Trumps Hate,” the Women’s March has and will continue to display the fire that exists in America. This march, everyone who comes and all the media it gets serves to give a voice, a booming roar, to every marginalized group in this country.

Donald Trump (pre-government shutdown) was planning to spend his presidential anniversary in Mar-A-Lago, his estate in Palm Springs. Although he couldn’t make it, Women’s Marchers did, complete with “Impeach Trump” signs. And nationwide, the New York Times described the government shutdown to be a “rallying cry” among attendees.

This year was not short of tragedies to become a rallying cry among the resistance. The Trump Administration has given us plenty to be mad about, to march about, to bring change about. That is the moral of this incredibly important day. This isn’t just a march with attendees who will go back and live their normal lives at the end of the day. This is a show of revolution. This event will bring about change. Each and every sign, shout and marcher is contributing to America’s reform. It looks like the Women’s March, not Donald Trump, is finally going to make “America Great.”

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