After 12 Years, Cecile Richards Is Resigning as President of Planned Parenthood

After what she considers the “best honor of [her] lifetime“, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards is planning to step down.

On Friday, Richards released a video via the Planned Parenthood YouTube channel stating her resignation. She recounts on the massive journey that Planned Parenthood has taken over the past few years, as well as championing recent national health success. Although Planned Parenthood has not yet released details on who will fill her place as President, Richards legacy is still sure to continue, as she has “been an activist [her] entire life – and that won’t stop anytime soon.”

Ever since 2006, the fierce daughter of former Texas Governor Ann Richards has been a trailblazer for women’s health. According to Planned Parenthood, she’s “led multiple nationwide campaigns to preserve access to Planned Parenthood,” as well as led the organization from the ground up, now carrying 11 million passionate supporters.

Progressive politicians such as House member Nancy Pelosi and California Senator Kamala Harris are also commenting Richards’ decision. Pelosi writes in a statement:

“Her leadership will be deeply missed, but I am confident that Cecile will continue to be a warrior for all women as she begins the next chapter of her journey.”

Senator Harris also reflects on Richards’ work, stating that she “‘has shown what it means to be a true fighter for the rights of women.”

On the darker side of things, many conservatives are jumping for joy at the announcement of her resignation. The Daily Signal celebrates her plan to step down by referring to Richards’ proudest achievement as an “abortion giant” that “[rips] babies apart limb by limb before pulling them out of the uterus.”

Whether you’re pro-choice or pro-life, Cecile Richards championing success as not only an advocate, but a business woman is indisputable. Her massive strides towards women’s reproductive health have helped millions across the nation, leaving women (and men!) with two simple words: Thank you.

Photo: NBC News



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