‘Brexit’ Will Be An Economic Disaster

A leaked ‘Brexit Report‘ spells financial disaster for the U.K., as national income figures will drop after Britain departs the E.U. While each percentage is dependent on the final deal, this recent analysis indicates an 8% decrease (if Britain leaves without a deal). If a ‘free trade agreement’ is reached, then figures could fall by 5%, and by 2% if a soft Brexit option is reached. The report concludes there is no option that will benefit the U.K.

David Davis (Brexit Secretary) has previously claimed no analysis of Brexit’s economic implications exist and when asked to comment on why this document hasn’t been made public, a DExEU source was quoted saying “Because it’s embarrassing.

The analysis also contains research, which indicates nearly every sector of the U.K. will be hit, while rural areas from the West Midlands to Northern Ireland will be left reeling from the economic impact of Brexit.

Steve Baker (Brexit Minister), has issued a statement claiming “[the document] is not anywhere near being approved by ministers.

The Labour Party have called for the full document to be released to the public, with MP Chris Leslie saying: “There is no mandate for this hard and destructive Brexit. No one voted to make themselves and their families worse off.

It would seem other Conservative MPs aren’t confident in Theresa May’s ability to salvage a manageable deal for the U.K. Liam Fox (International Trade Secretary) told The Sun, “We don’t have a working majority, other than with the support of the Democratic Unionists, and we need to accept the reality of that.

This scandal hits the Conservative Party after a rough weekend, wherein MP David Davies expressed transphobic views on Twitter and received backlash from LGBT+ Conservatives, who rejected his abhorrent views.



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