It’s the End of the World

When people claim that climate change isn’t a real thing, it makes me wonder if they know what climate change is. As NASA so eloquently puts it, climate change is when there is a change in an area’s weather. That can mean an area’s rainfall might differ from the norm, or their temperature might change from what is the expected average. It is incredibly important to note that climate change isn’t just about one area but the whole entire world. This makes it an international issue, not just an American issue like some are led to believe.


What you need to know:

I could compile numerous articles on the evidence that proves the existence of climate change. I could tell you to look outside, to read the news. Some nations are working to better themselves, trying to be more eco-friendly, while other nations ignore this threat and trudge forward. The world as we know it is ending and becoming something awfully maltreated and weak. The only thing we can do is accept that this is happening and begin thinking about greener and wiser steps for our future. It isn’t a one country problem, because everyone’s lives will change.



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