My entire life I had been an honor student. All throughout elementary school and middle school I received A’s and maybe one B a semester. Yet, I never thought of myself I was particularly smart. I was a good reader and writer, a solid math student, and a little less solid at science. But I always passed with flying colors.


In my school, A’s were considered above average, and B’s were considered average. C’s were the below average grade, even though in many states it’s considered passing and well, average. When I started receiving C’s in high school, I realized that I was now just what I had been afraid of most, below average.

I was not the best in the class or the worst in the class, I would pass with no problem, but I would never be “above average” like I had been when I was younger. I let these grades define me, as we are taught in school that the only thing colleges look at is the numbers we receive and the scores we earn.

Growing up, every protagonist in every novel I ever read had something significant about them. Whether it be a superpower or a quirk, there was always something that stood out. I compared them to myself, as I always immersed myself in whatever I was reading. And only until recently I never realized that I wasn’t like these characters at all.

I never had raging external conflict, never overcame adversity, and I never had any problem that lasted more than 6 months. I was a fine student, I never talked back, never questioned anything, I would just sit there, listen, and learn. I never started a program, or changed anyones life, I was just simply there.

We become so accustomed to protagonists who change the world and do something brave and extraordinary. Growing up in a small town, my possibilities were limited. It’s not an excuse for what I did or didn’t do, it’s simply the facts. We have ingrained in our brains that if we don’t do something to change the world than what are we doing with our lives?

Although I firmly believe that everyone should try to change the world, it is not required to have a fulfilling life.

So here’s to the average kids, who will never be valedictorian, who will never be prom king, who don’t have any secret talent. You are worth every bit of life. Although you may wish you were better or worse or above average, it’s okay to be average.

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