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A Republican Campaign Ad Claims Anyone in a Sanctuary City “Could Be Killed By an Illegal Immigrant”

Since he has been sworn into presidency, Trump has created a Muslim ban and helped increase Islamophobia among each other. The ironic part is that not a lot of people know what Islam truly is. Some people call Muslims “Islams,” while others choose to believe that anyone with Southeast Asian or Middle Eastern descent is a Muslim terrorist. Not a lot of people know that Islam is a peaceful religion; Islam is the word for peace. Because of the terrorist fear that Trump has ignited among us, it has become harder for Muslims to live in America, whether they’re legal migrants or not.

During Trump’s campaign, Trump also repeatedly promised a wall between the United States and Mexico to keep illegal immigrants from migrating to America. This wall would be funded by Mexico, which was another big, fat lie from Trump. Along with the wall, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a loyal worshipper of our orange president, sent letters to 23 sanctuary cities, threatening to subpoena them. A sanctuary city is a city that does not release information about its local undocumented immigrants to the federal government. According to Humans Rights Watch, 40 percent more immigration arrests were made, under Trump’s administration, whether it was for possessing marijuana or even speeding.

Another loyal Trump worshipper, Richard Corcoran, released a racist campaign ad against sanctuary cities. Richard Corcoran is the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives and, according to rumors, is planning to run for Governor of Florida. Since Corcoran is Trump’s minion (much like what the Minions are to Gru), his ad left out crucial details that easily misguide the watcher. The advertisement pictured a young white woman who is “gunned down by an illegal immigrant who should’ve been deported.” Right after that, Corcoran presents his own daughter and states that “this could happen to anyone.” I have two big problems with this video already. First off, an illegal immigrant would not go out of their way to get noticed by any type of government, whether it’s local or federal. Second off, Corcoran brings up the story of Kate Steinle and claims that it can happen again. However, he severely misrepresents it. An illegal immigrant accidentally shot and fatally killed Steinle. It was involuntary manslaughter, not coldblooded murder.

Corcoran is trying to use Trump’s strategy. During his election campaign, Trump found two families who were wrongly affected by illegal immigrants: Mary Ann Mendoza and Jamiel Shaw. Then, when he accepted the nomination of the Republican party, Trump told his audience the following statement: “My opponent wants sanctuary cities, [but] where was sanctuary for the children of Mary Ann and Jamiel?”. However, Trump, like Corcoran, left out one huge detail; the children of Mendoza and Jamiel were not killed in a sanctuary city.

One correlation that can be made about present-day America is that we are the new Nazi Germany. After all, we are a land of immigrants rejecting other immigrants from entering America and becoming U.S. citizens. Is that not hypocritical? Also, the Nazi Party used propaganda, like videos, to turn members of the Jewish community into scapegoats to the public eye. Corcoran’s advertisement was that same exact thing. So, why don’t we learn from the past and not target one group of people, whether they’re followers of Islam or immigrants. If there’s anything that America as a whole should strive to do, it’s to speak without offending and listen without defending; two things which seem impossible for Trump and his group of minions to achieve.

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