Michael Wolff Is Deemed a “Scumbag” for Nikki Haley Rumors

The newly published Fire and Fury has created waves for several reasons. The book looks into all things White House, including Trump’s mental capacity to be president, Russia-U.S. relations during elections and what various “representatives” of the White House think about their president. Wolff’s research and sources are largely based on anecdotes and interviews, though many question the reliability of his claims. He claims in his book that Rupert Murdoch called Trump an “idiot,” yet in his column for the Hollywood Reporter, Wolff claimed Murdoch called him a “moron.” The question isn’t whether Trump is an idiot, moron or some other synonym, but rather if Wolff could actually back up his several “exclusive” claims.

Just recently, Wolff was publicly denounced on Morning Joe for the ways he details the women around Trump. Such is the case with Nikki Haley. In his book, Wolff offers a variety of explanations as to a reason why Trump would have paid attention to Haley and given her a prominent position, one being her “clever political wiles.” He not only insinuated a slightly more personal relationship between the president and the UN Ambassador in his book, but made matters worse by generically applying this notion to all women surrounding Trump. In several interviews, Wolff says that he is sure that Trump is sleeping with one or more of the women working with or for him. He even asserted in the case of Haley, that “the President had been spending a notable amount of private time with Haley on Air Force One,” and that she was “being mentored in Trumpian ways.”

Haley later confirmed that she has “literally been on Air Force One once” and that Wolff’s new book was full of factual inaccuracies and misrepresentations of women. This tale of drama surrounding men of power is all too familiar, where a women’s reputation is sold for the face of another, or in this case, to sell books.

Critics claim that Wolff orchestrated this controversy for attention and fame for his new book, while others claim it was an actual attempt to publish a version of the truth that sadly was far from it. In any case, the sloppily joint “facts” and the outlandish stereotype branded to the women around Trump only results in the discreditation of Wolff and all of his “sources,” whomever they may be.



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