A Crash Course on Getting Over Your Crush

As Valentine’s Day arrives, there are some people who are inevitably reminded of past loves and unrequited love, made worse only by a day dedicated to relationships and love. I might not have not a lot of experience in the boyfriend department but I have had a lot of experience(s) with crushes and I have finally figured out the perfect way of getting over a crush. 

First of all, it’s important to  note that it all depends on the situation. If you’ve liked them for a while, it could be hard to not like them all over again or convince yourself that it’s time to move on. The first thing you have to do is somewhat obvious (yet we all do it anyway); don’t stalk them on any social media. Unfollow them if that is what you need to fully move on. If you’re just beginning to get over them, then it’s not necessarily helpful to constantly see what they’re up to. 

Another tactic to help is to talk to someone about your feelings. Whether it be a best friend or your mother, talking to someone really gets the extra weight off your chest about this person. Talk about how you felt about this person, talk about how you’re feeling now after knowing they don’t like you in the way you wanted them to, etc. It may not seem much but they can give more guidance and since they know you personally, they can give you advice that suits you specifically.  However, don’t let this person be the only thing you talk about as you are trying to get over them- repetitively bringing up the subject of this person might remind you of them.

It’s going to take time and honestly: it is okay to be sad about it. It is painful and as weird as it sounds, it’s good to have a good cry and watch Netflix while eating ice cream But afterwards, know your self-worth. Don’t let this minuscule thing bring you down because, in the long run, you won’t even remember the person you liked in high school or middle school. Think about it in this way: they weren’t good enough for you.

I wrote an article entitled “You’re Not Going to be Forever Alone” in which I mentioned that it’s not the end of the world if someone you like doesn’t like you back because you will find someone or someone might like you and you might not know it.

I feel like focusing on yourself would be the most amazing way to get over someone. Treat yourself to a manicure or make yourself a dinner for one. Pursue a hobby that you’ve always yearned to do, such as art or knitting, and make sure that you’re happy. Do these things for yourself and this will get your mind off them.

Obviously, it’s different for everyone and everyone moves on in their own speed, but the thing is that you will move on eventually.



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