NFL Protests Continue to Spark Conversation Around the U.S.

The worlds of politics and sports seemingly came together vastly more than any other in the past year for the United States. A major factor that contributed to this statement is in regards to the actions of president Donald Trump. Throughout the course of 2017, there have been several conflicts with Trump and professional athletes through social media. Twitter played the most significant role in the risen feuds from last year that sparked a wide range of feedback from the American people.

Trump is popularly known for openly stating to the public his response on a variety of subjects, one of these being sports. Last year during the beginning of the 2017-2018 NFL football season, Trump took to social media to establish his thoughts on the topic of professional athletes kneeling to the flag during the National Anthem.

A majority of the American people opposed against this statement. Under the constitution, Americans have the right to protest and demonstrate their beliefs in the manner football players have proudly shown throughout the playoffs and games. Others portrayed the problems that are relevant to America today, such as racism, and sought Trump’s tweet to lack consideration for the NFL players who continue to protest.

In a recently conducted survey at Kenmore East in New York, students were asked a few questions in regards to how the worlds of politics and sports collided late last year. The survey asked, “During the National Anthem, do you consider kneeling for the flag to be an appropriate and effective form of protest or to be disrespectful to our country?” It also asked for a brief explanation. Lastly, the survey conducted asked students how they felt about President Trump’s usage of Twitter in regards to last year’s feuds with various athletes and the NFL. Eleventh-grader Vianca agreed with kneeling during the National Anthem to be an effective form of protest. “It is an appropriate and effective form of protest. Participants in this protest demonstrate their solidarity with African Americans peacefully,” she said. Other students oppose this form of protest. Eleventh-grader Chris said, “It’s disrespectful because the flag represents freedom and all of the lives lost to keep our freedom. Therefore, kneeling shows that you don’t care for this country and all of those who died for us.”

Vianca considers Trump’s postings to be inappropriate. “It is quite obnoxious,” Vianca wrote. “Instead of making a mockery of the protesters and their choice to participate in kneeling, he should respect their right to protest, as it is most presidential to do so,” she explained. Chris also wrote that Trump’s social media use needs to be more formally monitored, saying “I think it is good that he uses social media, but he should be monitored a bit more.”

Trump’s disregards to the NFL’s protest have sparked commentary on this ongoing issue in America. Students at East like Vianca and Chris proved to show a deep concern for our country in their response to the conducted survey.

Photo: NBC News



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