The Bornean Orangutans Are Nearing Extinction

The demand for natural resources is currently at a high worldwide, but recent studies have proven that some species are being more severely impacted by this than others. The results of a study recently released by Current Biology show that approximately 50% of Bornean orangutans were affected by natural resource extraction.

Bornean orangutans are the only apes that inhabit Asia and they live on the Southeast Asian island of Borneo. They are said to be distinctive because of their red-orange hair. These orangutans share 97% of the same DNA as humans. Not surprisingly, they possess great intelligence as well as other human-like qualities. They are classified as an endangered species, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List.

The results of the previously listed study have lead researchers to estimate that over 100,000 Bornean orangutans were lost between 1999 and 2015. This number is far larger than many would expect and puts this species at high-risk of extinction if enough isn’t done to prevent that from occurring.

While the most major fall in population took place in the places where habitats had been removed or altered, the population decline has also been linked to hunting.

We need to take more action when it comes to saving the Bornean orangutans before it’s too late to prevent extinction. If you’d like to help make a difference for this species, you can donate money to International Animal Rescue, where you can “adopt an orangutan.” As humans, we owe it to this species to save them from the harm we, as people, have caused for them. We can reverse the damage we have done to this species, but it will not be easy. Help to make a difference today by making donations, volunteering or just simply spreading awareness about this topic. Let’s save the Bornean orangutans!



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