The Importance In Two Of Team USA’s Youngest Olympians

The Winter Olympics are happening right now in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The Winter Olympics includes sports such as figure skating, skiing (alpine, cross-country, freestyle), luge, bobsled, skeleton, curling, ice hockey, and snowboarding.

Two Olympians in particular, who are part of Team U.S.A., are teen snowboarders Red Gerard and Chloe Kim.The American teenagers are both 17-years old, and both now have gold medals. Chloe Kim is originally from Long Beach, California and has competed in the X-Games, an extreme sports competition hosted by ESPN, since 2015. She is Korean-American, born to immigrants from South Korea, and is fluent in French, English, and Korean. She has been snowboarding since she was four years old, and in 2018 has won the Gold medal in Women’s Halfpipe Finals. This isn’t the first time Chloe has made headlines because she is also the first women to ever receive a 100 on back to back 1080s at the US Grand Prix 2016.



The other seventeen-year-old on Team USA’s snowboarding team is Red Gerard, who is from Westlake, Ohio. He won gold in the slopestyle snowboarding event and is now the youngest man to receive a Winter Olympics medal in 80 years.The morning of the event he misplaced his jacket and overslept; but in the end, it worked out well for him. Previously, he has won medals at FIS World Cup.



It’s important to talk about the achievements of teenagers, especially when it comes to global sports events like the Olympics. It seems as though today’s teenagers are seen at a different standard than past decades because we are raised in a whole different world than others before us. Red Gerard and Chloe Kim show the world how teenagers are capable to achieve the goals they set, and win Olympic gold while doing it. They are setting the stage for so many other young people to come forward because they are proving to America and the world that kids born in 2000 are just as ready to do anything as their predecessors.



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