Six Reasons To Study Psychology

Psychology, in it’s very basic definition, is the study of the mind, but manifests as how and why we think what we think, it’s effects, it’s relation with behavior, mental illness and their cures. Psychology, in my opinion, is a subject beneficial to everyone regardless of their career choices.

People who study psychology as a major in universities will find many careers in the field. Studying psychology can help make a career in clinical psychology, school or workplace counseling, teaching, researching, criminal justice, probation and parole and many others, but this isn’t all. Studying psychology on basic levels has it’s benefits for people in general.


1. Critical Thinking
Most of the coursework in a psychology course includes critical thinking, analyzing, and reasoning. Going through such a mental activity as this regularly will unconsciously make it a habit. You will learn how and when to make critical remarks that are both beneficial and healthy on any subject matter.


2. Personal and Social Health
Your personal health includes not only your physical health, but mental health as well. You will know exactly how to handle stress and manage daily affairs. You will also be able to create a healthy mental environment for people around you, and maybe even help them in something they are struggling with.


3. Help In Boosting Any Career
As I highlighted before, psychology has many career options in itself. But to take psychology as a subject doesn’t require that you get a career in the field. As almost all careers involve dealing with human beings, knowing about how a human brain works can help make it easy for you. For example, if you’re a nurse with some psychological background as well, you will know what to say or do to put the patient at ease. If you are a digital artist or graphic designer whose job is to design posters for advertisements, you will know just how to style the poster such that it makes the greatest impact on the viewer, based on your knowledge of what a human brain is attracted towards with regards to graphics.


4. Knowing Reasons
Unfortunately, not everyone we come across in life has a good outlook of things and likable behavior. Be it in the family or at a workplace, the odds are that you will meet someone who’s got a bad behavior or will mistreat you in one way or another. At this point, not knowing the reason or criticality behind their misdemeanor with you might result in your own load of stress. On the other hand, if you do have some psychological background to your education, you will know that the mistreatment is just because of their mental sickness. In addition, you will know just how much they are worthy of sympathy due to their conditions. This will help you avoid stress for your own self, and maybe you can even be of help to that particular individual.


5. Successful Parenting
A huge part of psychology includes the discussion of a child’s brain, how it matures and develops in teenage years and then adulthood. It addresses how all of this creates challenges for an individual going through these stages. Therefore, studying psychology is bound to make a better parent out of you.


6. Personal Development
You can also use psychological principles for self-development. For example, you can learn about human memory, how it works and processes information and how a maximum benefit can be taken from short term and long term memories. You can then apply this knowledge for the better of your own memory system.



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