What International Women’s Day Means To People

Every year on March 8, there is a flood of social media posts and empowerment of women for International Women’s Day and 2018 is no exception, especially in today’s era, with campaigns like Times Up and #MeToo sweeping over Hollywood. Amid all of the colorful Instagram posts and empowering tweets, the question of ‘what does this mean to me?’ often still stands unanswered.

To me, International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate all women. It is a day of empowerment but also a day to help spread awareness about serious issues like women’s health care or the importance of Planned Parenthood, which have been in danger recently.

“I think to me it means having the freedom to do things that my female ancestors fought so hard for, and that all women from all walks of life should be able to do, which means inclusivity for everyone,” said Affinity staff writer Amrit Kaur Dhugga.

To Olivia Hurley, another staff writer, it is “a day of celebrating being a women and celebrating other women. It a reminder of how hard we’ve fought to be where we are, though there’s a long way to go, its a great day for motivation, respect and love.”

“Everyone has a crucial role to play in ensuring that the growing calls for action against sexism translate into long-lasting change — and that includes our education institutions. To bring about a generational shift we have to stop schools being places where young people learn that sexism and sexual harassment are routine experiences, tolerated by those in positions of authority,” said Kat Banyard, founder of U.K. Feminista.

Laura Bates, author and founder of Everyday Sexism, thinks that “brave, brilliant women have taken the first step, now we need to see proper reporting procedures, unconscious bias training, gender pay gap initiatives, survivor support services, the reinstatement of section 40 of the Equality Act, to make employers responsible for protecting workers from third-party harassment.”

International Women’s Day is a tremendously important day all over the world to help empower all women and spread the word about intersectional feminism.



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