“You’re Fired”: Five People Trump Might Fire Next

The White House has become, among many other things, a cliché horror movie. Slowly but surely, each member of the original cast is getting taken out one by one. Some of the executions are done quietly offscreen (Gary Cohn), while others are especially cringe-worthy to watch (Steve Bannon). The entire saga would almost be entertaining if it wasn’t a complete national embarrassment. Now that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been unceremoniously put out to pasture, the nation is left wondering which employee is next on the president’s hit list. With more firings expected in the next coming weeks, here are five White House employees who should be looking over their shoulder for the dreaded Orange Man in the coming weeks:

  1. Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin. The least controversial of all of Trump’s Cabinet picks has become a huge headache just like the rest of them. The sole holdover from the Obama administration was unanimously confirmed by the Senate has drawn the ire of the president after a series of scandals infighting, misuse of funds and overall ineptitude. Sulking needs to go and may even be out before Easter.
  2. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It is miraculous that he has even survived up until this point. The well-documented feud between the two has been waging for almost a year now, with the “beleaguered” and “disgraceful” Alabamian refusing to resign despite intense pressure from pretty much everyone. Trump has already stated on the record that he wouldn’t have hired “Mr. Magoo” if he would have known that the attorney general would recuse himself. As the Russia investigation continues to ramp up, Trump’s dissatisfaction with his former ally seems to be growing. Sessions seems to be the most logical employee to get the ax next. Trump would have been much better off if he had just listened to Elizabeth Warren and Coretta Scott King.
  3. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster. It’s common knowledge that the president and one of his top military minds don’t exactly see eye to eye. Like Sessions, McMaster has been subject to Trump’s spiteful subtweets for their different perspectives of Russia’s role in the election. Not only have there been rumors about McMaster’s termination, but Trump reportedly already his replacement in mind. McMaster is definitely going to be packing his bags soon, but it’s impossible to tell whether or not someone else will be let go before him.
  4. Chief of Staff John Kelly. Remember when Kelly was brought on to bring stability to the White House? Somehow, things have only gotten worse since his hiring last summer. There was the Charlottesville disaster, the Puerto Rico embarrassment and losing nearly half of his staff, to name a few. Throw in his beef with the president’s family and his extreme mishandling of the Rob Porter situation, and it looks like Kelly is a dead man walking. The case gets even stronger when one considers the “suicide pact” Kelly signed along with Tillerson, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin in case one of them ever becomes a target of the president. The embattled chief of staff’s days certainly seem to look numbered.
  5. Trump’s lawyers. The Stormy Daniels story has been a mess since the beginning and seems to be getting worse every day, despite the president’s attorneys’ best efforts. Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation still hangs over the administration every day and does not look to be ending any time soon (also despite the best efforts of Trump’s lawyers). At what point does Trump realize that Ty Cobb, Jay Sekulow, Don McGahn, John Dowd and especially Michael Cohen are not helping? In fact, they appear to be making things worse. If Trump wants to put these scandals behind him and actually work on governing, he needs to find a new legal team as soon as possible.

Honorable mentions: Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt, Secretary Housing and Urban Development Ben CarsonEducation Secretary Betsy DeVos, senior adviser Jared Kushner

Essentially everyone in the White House is at risk to be the next to file for unemployment. Practically every member of the Trump administration comes with their own set of scandals (either created through infighting or by their own recklessness) that has made it impossible for each to effectively do their jobs. The turnover rate of this White House is so high because nearly every employee is guilty of unethical behavior.

It is likely that none of these aforementioned “public servants” will not survive much longer and it is fair to say that none of them deserve to. And as each each member is ultimately let go and forgotten about by the public, they will most likely be replaced by someone even more unprincipled. Even worse, the American taxpayers will be forced to pay every single dime of these people’s salaries.

Trump once said that he will “choose the best people for his administration,” a statement that is either another entry in an endless list of lies or speaks volumes about what the president considers to be “the best.”

As the media continues to report of the many of misdeeds of each of Trump’s top allies, one has to wonder how a president can hire so many incompetent, corrupt, negligent, and thoroughly incapable individuals to lead this country. The answer is simple. Trump is simply hiring spitting images of himself. As he continues to hire and fire his identical minions, the president might be starting to worry that he will soon suffer the same fate as all of them: exile from the White House. Unfortunately for him, his exit might be in handcuffs.

Photo: Shane T. McCoy / US Marshals



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