On April 20, Teens Will Advocate For Gun Control Safety

Recently, a school’s journalism class in buffalo constructed an interview to meet with the Priciple Hyden as well as two advocates for gun control safety, Vianca and Victor, for an interview to discuss reoccurring problems in our country, such as gun control safety, the parkland high school shooting and lastly our school’s planned walk out on April 20th and the importance of student’s safety when it comes to school walk outs.

As seen through numerous resources and reports in the media, Parkland’s high school shooting in Florida sparked a wide range of feedback from the American people. As a result of the deadly massacre that took place on February 18th, seventeen fatalities were recorded in addition to seventeen other reports of gun related injuries. Thus, has made this school shooting one of the worst in the world.

With the ongoing issue of gun safety in our country today and the growing concern for children’s safety in schools, the movement of school walk outs have become a growing action teens will continue to engage in as a voice for change. However, there has been concern shown throughout the public for the safety of students leaving school grounds unattended while during the midst of walk outs.

“Our primary job at this school is to keep students safe,” Principle Hyden began. “There are other ways to bring about change than simply staging a walk out.” Hyden than went onto explain the idea of having a “school walk in” rather than a walk out to ensure the safety of the school’s students. When leaving the building unsupervised could put them at the hands of any threat when it comes to the 19th Anniversary if the Columbine massacre walk out.

“As a school, maybe we could all unite in the gym or show acts 17 acts of kindness (for the 17 lives lost in Columbine),” he continued. Although Hyden didn’t give much support for the idea of having a school walk out, he did show immense support in being a part of the gun control safety movement. “If April 20th is a day to create something, then I want to be a part of it.”

Vianca, an eleventh grader at East, and Victor, an eighth grader at east became proud young advocates and organized the planned walk out on April 20th, alongside with the help of Hyden and other local resources.

“We have a gun culture here (U.S.),” Vianca firmly stated after a student in journalism had asked for her and Victor’s thoughts on gun control issues in the United States. “Easy access to guns…that’s the problem,” she continued. “They are not enforced or strict enough.”

Victor agreed with his older sister on guns being too easily accessible and went onto say, “The reason you can’t ban guns is because America has an appetite for guns.”

Vianca and Victor initially created the planned walk out at their high school after the Parkland massacre. However, other factors contributed to the student’s response to the fatal shooting. The reoccurring nightmare of tragedies on school grounds across the nation sparked their interest to create a movement designed to voice change in America.

In addition to organizing the planned walk out, these two young advocates also created an online petition and social media page to help gain support for gun safety. The petition is aiming toward 300,000 signatures, and is well on its way with reaching this goal with having over 250,000 signed participators for the gun control movement.

“When you sign the petition, you’re pledging of allegiance to participate in the movement for gun control laws to support our safety,” Vianca said.

America struggles with gun control and will continue to in the future if more action doesn’t come into effect. As a nation, we the people must continue to fight for the many lives taken at the hand of a gunman on school grounds, and around our country. Not enough is being done to stop the ongoing massacres that happen within our neighborhoods.

But as young adults we can be the voice to aspire change in our country for ongoing concerns in America, such as gun violence in our schools. Parkland’s school shooting should be a wake-up-call to our government and school systems to establish and put into effect ways to make guns less accessible. Changes need to be made now and as the next generation, we are producing movements and advocating changes that need more consideration. As the next voice in America, we will make a difference to stop reoccurring disasters that bring devastation to the communities around us.

On April 20th, as students, we will make a difference in our country to help advocate and voice change for gun control safety. Join the movement on April 20th and participate in organized school walk outs to show support for the lives taken from gun violence. As a nation, we will bring about change.

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