The President of the United States is Winning

Donald J. Trump is on a winning streak. And if he continues, he’s going to be the President of the United States for not three, but seven more years.

Yes, despite RussiaGate, despite “shitholegate,” or any other “gate” for that matter. He’s winning. His approval ratings would make our worst Presidents resign. And forget the fact that his pathetic political misjudgments—defending accused pedophiles, for example—and the never-ending daily drama. It’s like a bad TV show I had to watch with my parents. But this time, Trump is the centerpiece. And this is real life.

Look, maybe it’s just dumb luck. He’s somehow managed to use his reputation for audacity and shamelessness and turn it into a concrete shield. How many controversies and scandals has he survived that would have destroyed any of his predecessors long ago or sent them hiding in their homes in shame? The other day his personal lawyer made the preposterous claim that he personally paid $130,000 to an ex-porn star threatening to expose her relationship with Trump—with money from his own pocket—apparently just because Trump is a great guy! Would your lawyer just give out a hundred grand because you’re such a great person?

Did anyone take notice and think about how realistic that is? Who knows—because it’s off the front pages and we moved on to yet another shocking scandal like the tweetstorm a few weeks ago, when Trump seemed to blame the Russia investigation for the death of  the schoolchildren in Florida. Also, remember the controversial pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, someone who conducted racial profiling AND was found guilty of a felony for disobeying a court order? Remember that time a soldier died in action and when phoning the widow, the president seemed to forget the dead soldier’s name? Nobody does. We can’t keep up with it. Too many scandals.

But let’s go on and actually look at Trump’s “track record” since he became president. He’s actually done something. He’s cut taxes. He’s rolled back regulations. He’s derailed ISIS . The economy and the stock market are higher than they’ve been for a long time. Any other Republican would be very proud. They’ve accomplished many of their dreams. Trump, because of his near-universal hatred among others, might not get a landslide election victory, but if jobs continue to be created and the economy continues to keep going up (whether he deserves the credit or not), enough voters might just hold their nose again and vote for him.

Third, the Democrats don’t know what they’re doing. Who is the face of the Democratic Party? What does the Democratic Party stand for? Well, they hate Trump and Russia. Oh, and they oppose tax cuts. Always a popular position, especially at a time when Trump’s supposedly horrible tax bill has now found favor with a majority of the nation.

A lot, of course, depends on who Trump will be running against in November 2020. But for now, there’s no clear vision, and relatively not a lot of time for the Democrats to get their act together.

But you think I’ve forgotten about the knight in shining armor. What about the Robert Mueller investigation, the one that CNN and Vox and all the liberal news networks have devoted their time to? Isn’t that going to send Trump and his army of liars to the dungeons?

It could be possible. But not likely.

It’s true that Mueller seems to run a tight ship with a knack for surprises, such as the recent indictment of 13 Russians for conspiring to interfere with the 2016 presidential elections. Maybe Mueller will take the unprecedented step of indicting a sitting American president, from perjury to obstruction of justice to sleeping with Putin. But Muller follows the rules very closely, and he needs to make sure he has some solid evidence before he can indict Trump. Most likely, Mueller and his team will compile a persuasive but not conclusive case that the president committed one or more crimes, leaving it for the good representatives of the United States Congress to decide what to do about it. Oh, wait! It’s Republican-controlled! No way anything is going to happen there.

Then there’s the truly desperate idea out there among the left: There must be someone in the Republican party who will come to their senses and lead a stand against the president. Face it: The Republicans, most of them, are by now so accustomed to Trump’s irrational behavior they seem willing to lose control of the House just to avoid getting a mean tweet from the president. Think the GOP will abandon Trump easily? They’ve all but given up.

Yeah. Trump is horrible in many peoples’ eyes. And he’s great in others’. And that’s exactly what’s going to keep him on the front pages for years to come.

Image Credits: The Policy Times



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