College Orientation Week: Expectation VS Reality

I have heard a lot of rumors and stereotypes about college orientation week and I believe all of you have too. I have always imagined that college orientation week will be similar to high school, where all you will do is get in a huge circle, play lame ice-breaker games, forced to memorize your friends’ names in front, behind, on your left and right, singing the college anthem all day long, introduction to the school system and briefings that will make you snore.

I have just ended my orientation week in college, and oh boy, it was far from what I expected. The ice-breaking sessions and briefings were inevitable, but the games were fun and helpful in making us getting to know our way around campus (although I still won’t remember mine, hence downloading the college app on my phone to see the floor plan.) Speaking about the college app, it is personalized for you to be notified about your class timetable, public transport fares and time schedules, an update on your fees, academic results and you can register your modules online. The college also has another portal to rent lockers, obtain a daily pass to the gym and more. I wish that this existed during high school because I never memorize my timetable and relied on my friends by looking on which book that they will bring to class the next day.

During orientation, you will not only make friends from your own course but from other courses as well. I am from the School of Communication, and I met a few course-mates along the way, hoping to know the whole class next week but I also made new friends from other schools, such as Culinary Arts, International Business Management, Design, Business, Architecture, Science and many more departments. As freshmen, we are at our wit’s end to survive college together and finding ourselves here, hence we collected as many contacts possible to build a support system where everyone helps each other around. Don’t be scared to talk to the person next to you. You can also learn a lot from them as all of you may come from different backgrounds and have a variety of past experiences before meeting you that you may not know of. Knowing there’s a lot of sides to life out there out of your comfort zone will make you grow more as a person and be more accepting of the diverse world we live in.

To all of you who will be entering college soon, don’t be scared to explore and ask around. Approach your orientation leaders and seek them college hacks, they’ll be more than glad to help. Go to all events during orientation for a chance to meet more people.

College is more lightweight than high school, but you need to put double effort on it. You’ll know when your final examination of the semester is on the first day of orientation. Have fun, but stay committed.




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