Why I Will Keep My Last Name at the Altar

In the 50s, your bridesmaids would’ve gasped if you mentioned the fact that you would not be obtaining your husband’s name. I’ve never imagined what that must feel like. As a young woman, I have decided that I will proudly present my own name at the alter. Statistically, this seems to be very controversial, but the women that are fighting the patriarchy have magnificently stood tall against the doubters.

Statistics show that 70% of respondents believe that they should take on the husband’s surname, while 50% say that it is a legal requirement that women take their husbands last name.  On the other hand, only 5-10% of women end up fighting the odds to keep their last name in this circumstance. Also, it is stated that younger brides will most likely take their husband’s name: just as the baby boomers did.

Over the years, it has become more and more known for women to specifically keep their last names for the same motives. One staggering aftermath of doing so, is losing your identity that you’ve developed over the years.  I have grown to love and grow with the name that has been connected to me from birth. This should not be taken from me, or from anybody else that agrees upon this.

Most women feel as if they fall short to their husbands; as if they are standing in the shadow of him. This is why this was truly a common ideal, right?  Women didn’t have the right to vote, maintain property, or go to law through out the early 1900’s and only had the right to use her maiden name the way it was designed in 1972. We haven’t had these rights for as long as many have imagined.  Many women have taken this into consideration, but that doesn’t mean that they will not change their last name because of it.

After all, weddings should be all about love and bringing others together in a wonderful way. Remarkably so, they still hold many inequalities within them. I strongly believe that every women should be able to make their own decision, when truly, it is her name and she should get the choice. Do I think that more women should step up and stand against this ideal? Of course. Should more men take the women’s last name? That would be amazing.

We will continue the race forward and I hope to see more of this in our near future. We as women should stand up against the patriarchy and reclaim the rights that we so rightfully deserve and most importantly, the name that was chosen for us since the day we were born.



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