The Trump Administration To End Mandated Release From ICE’s Detention Center For Pregnant Women

The Trump administration has been trying to reprimand women’s right policies. It now says that pregnant women charged with being in the United States illegally will no longer receive special considerations, U.S. Officials said Thursday. Trump is rescinding Obama-era policies since the beginning of his presidency and it, unfortunately, seems that he’s not stopping. ICE said the new policy pursues Trump’s executive order from last year regulating them to target anyone in the United States illegally (essentially people of color).

The policy change has amassed huge backlash, mainly due to the policy representing human rights abuses under President Trump. Activists and advocates have without delay criticized the new policy which prior the ACLU and other women-rights and immigrant organizations filed a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security about the harsh and cruel treatment of pregnant detainees.

Little did we know, the policy has swiftly taken effect in December and since then, ICE had detained 506 pregnant women in custody, but most are not likely detained currently.

“We’re ending the presumption of release for all pregnant detainees,” said Philip Miller, deputy executive associate director at ICE. ‘‘We’re no longer exempting any individual from being subject to the law.’’ Federal officials also have separated parents from their children after they crossed the border illegally and issued new rules that make it harder to get an asylum hearing before a judge.

Cases will be handled on an individual basis, depending on the women’s crimes/flight risk, medical condition, how far along the pregnancy is and whether they pose a danger to the public according to ICE officials.

During the Obama administration, a few pregnant women also were liable to mandatory ICE detention only if they had committed certain crimes or have arrived at the U.S. undocumented. They were all accountable to expedite removal. Adult ICE detainees are accessible to abortion services in police custody.

In conclusion, Trump is continuing to attempt to secure his promise on immigration. It’s quite easy to believe that the policy change is based outright on Trump’s vendetta against the Obama-era of the presidency and his wanting to appease the red state. Personally, I believe holding pregnant detainees in custody without some expedient method is outwardly barbaric and savage to even contemplate about. It’s quite ironic considering ICE offers insufficient care and that the detention centers harmed women who had been raped or had high-risk pregnancies and even some miscarriages which directly goes against the Trump’s administration pro-life agenda.

Photo: Jae C. Hong/AP



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