Miss Gorg Pageant’s First Winner Is A Trans Waitress From Brooklyn

21-year-old Alana Dillon is the first transgender person to win Miss Gorg pageant this April 3, 2018. This pageant was created to raise the empowerment and acceptance of transgender women. The winner received $2,000 and was given a one-year contract at Trans Models NYC, the first transgender modeling agency.

Peche Di from the pageant stated, “We don’t have enough transgender representation in the media. Having a trans-focused competition is a ticket to enter the entertainment and fashion industry.” Furthermore, organizer Elton Lugay from Inquirer.Net said: “We believe that spreading positive knowledge about the trans community helps dispel stereotypes and fears that often lead to prejudice.”

Alana Dillon is a counter girl in a restaurant in Chelsea and said that she was not expecting to win at all. Her crown even fell off on stage! She didn’t mind and thought of it as good luck for this competition. Two years ago, she decided to come out and everything else was just fate.
According to Inquirer.Net, when Alana was asked why the LGBT+ community deserves a special day, she said, “Thirty percent of trans women are unemployed, 40 percent of trans women are people of color, 40 percent of trans women have contemplated or committed suicide.”
With so many negative comments going around, it is hard for trans people, but ignorance will never be the key.

Other than that, I got the chance to interview her brother, Kenneth Dillon, and here’s what he said about her: “I was surprised and so proud of her when I found out that she won Miss Gorg 2018. Alana has always been a performer and as her twin I am lucky to watch her on her way to fame. I was somewhat surprised when she first told me and my family that she was transgender, but I have supported her from that moment and will support her for the rest of our lives. She is who she is and I love her! We walk very different paths in life–I am interested in political science and likely entering graduate school in the fall. I think it’s a lot of fun to think about how different our lives are (one, a transgender pageant queen and the other a budding academic) and I think we are becoming even closer as we get older and follow our individual paths, however different they are.”. Her mom as well felt so happy about her coronation, and I bet Alana and her family will never forget this amazing moment. In fact, she is really gorgeous!

To commemorate and remember every transgender, Elton Lugay mentioned that Miss Gorg pageant will become an annual event.

To also congratulate the other contestants, here are the winners: 1st runner-up: Alexandra Hudson, 2nd runner-up: Susi Villa, 3rd runner-up: Tiffany Riley, 4th runner-up: Rachelle Ann Summers.

Always remember that each and every one of us deserves to live a good life. Whether we have a different perspective on things, negativity amongst others will never be the answer. To the winners of this beautiful and memorable pageant, congratulations!

Photo: Kuha Studios



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