Anti-Blackness in the Hispanic and Latinx Community

It’s time to discuss anti-blackness in the Latinx and Hispanic community that continues to linger.

I grew up knowing I was Puerto-Rican, my family has a lot of pride in where we come from, which has been instilled in me. Unbeknownst to many, boricuas come in all skin tones from black to brown to white. As I’ve grown up though and been exposed to the world, it has become very clear to me that anti-blackness is apart of all Latinx and Hispanic cultures. This is not something that should be normalized either, if we expect our white counterparts to step up when it comes to racism or xenophobia then we must step up and stop this continuous cycle of anti-blackness throughout our communities.

No more appropriating black culture or attempting to reclaim a racial slur that does not belong to you simply because you are also a part of a marginalized community. You don’t get a free pass in all other marginalized communities. Your hardship does not suddenly mean you can be hateful. I ask all my fellow fair-skinned Latinx and Hispanic folks to use the privilege you hold to make real change in your communities, you already have a platform because of your skin tone.

What exactly does acknowledging and acting upon your privilege look like though? Well, it starts with having those uncomfortable but necessary conversations with your family members and friends shutting down anti-blackness. If it means you have to cut off people in order for them to look at themselves, reflect, and change, then so be it. Their feelings and your discomfort to confrontation do not equate to black lives.

If you truly believe that black lives matter then this is your opportunity to make a positive impact on our community. There’s no reason that members of my family, or my friends, or strangers who are black should feel unwelcome in any setting. Don’t claim that “we are all one” and then exclude anyone who is not white passing. That is a color-blind message, that at its root is wrapped up in white supremacy. I hope all non-black Latinx and Hispanics reading this right now position themselves on the right side of history and stand up for our brothers and sisters.



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