Five Tips to Surviving Adulthood

We all grow up dreaming of running away from our town, exploring the world and finally being free from our parents’ nest. Just like anyone, I had those dreams too. I waited for graduation all my life, questioning, along the way, the certainty of leaving my country. I thought the moment would never come. But in a blink of an eye, there I was, graduated and standing in the airport saying goodbye to my parents. I had waited for that moment all my life, and I was ready to make adulthood my own. I never really learned about responsibilities and paper work. I only looked at living alone as being free to do whatever I wanted.

I wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen.

I am now eight months into adulthood and living alone. Even though I am still processing life as a self-responsible being, I learned and noticed a few things that I wanted to share for those who are anticipating that big moment.

  1. First, the sooner the better. This has become my motto over the past few months; if I ever had to do something (especially paper-wise), I would take ages to begin the process– things that were very important would end up taking me over five months to accomplish. So take my word for it, you will feel proud and relieved after getting everything done.
  2. If like me and you are going abroad or to a new city where everything is new to you, take the time to get to know the place. The little places you could go to (i.e supermarkets/laundry rooms, libraries etc) can be very useful later on.
  3. Living alone also means taking care of yourself and not having your mom or dad remind you of the things you need to do. You need to take out the trash, wash the dishes, make food, etc. all on a daily basis– laziness does not suffice. For example, at first, I always went to McDonald’s or cheap restaurants with my friends, completely ignoring the fact that my body needed vegetables and actual good homemade food that would provide me with the energy my body needed. It wasn’t until I ate my parents’ food again that I knew I was eating unhealthy foods for the past months. Don’t forget about your health.
  4. Another thing that is often forgotten while moving out: if you’re like me, you moved out to study, so do that– don’t forget to study well and pass those semesters. Take time and organize yourself, you can use apps, a bullet journal, or just a plain old organizer. Try and schedule your week. Do not make assignments the night before, try and do them right after the teacher gives them so you have the following weeks to procrastinate.
  5. And finally, take time. Breathe. Explore. Get to know new people, have new friends. Go to the cinema, museums, enjoy your time and the future you’re slowly creating. It’s difficult at first, missing your parents, old friends, old city/country, but slowly you’ll get familiar with this new place and learn how to cope while loving where you’re at at the moment. Everything takes time, and not everyone goes at the same pace so do not compare your pattern to others. Each and everyone of us has a different one, which makes this journey a lot more thrilling.

Photo: Saulo Mohano



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