What Sets Emma Gonzalez Apart


Emma Gonzalez is an 18-year-old who describes herself just like any other teen. She is so indecisive, she says, that she cannot pick a favorite color. She occupies herself with crafts or with Netflix, which, in retrospect, seems entirely too common. However, the very thing that sets Emma apart from average teens is certainly not her hobbies or how she chooses to spend her free time, but in speeches, in marches and in activism. Emma Gonzalez shows us what it means to speak fiercely for what you believe in as she stands at the forefront of the fight for gun control and reform following the umpteenth mass shooting this year. Emma Gonzalez has had enough.

One of 3,158 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Gonzalez is, at surface level, just an ordinary student. After this Valentine’s Day, though, Emma Gonzalez, as well as many others, found herself fraught with desire for immediate reform. What sets Gonzalez apart, though, is her actions following the Parkland shooting.

After surviving the tragedy, Gonzalez rose in tribute to the friends she lost on that fateful day in February. Gonzalez has easily become the face of the March For Our Lives Movement and has been relentless in using her voice for gun reform. Her words have amplified the voices of other youth who have grown used to being dismissed for their age: “When did children become such a dirty word?”

She has given multiple speeches and has not hesitated in using social media as a platform to express her disdain for current gun laws, and has even called attention to the tendency of authority to dismiss the voices of younger activists fighting for change.

“Adults like us when we have strong test scores, but they hate us when we have strong opinions.”

“We are tired of being ignored.”

Along with being an activist for stronger gun laws and protections, Gonzalez is also openly bisexual LGBTQ+ rights advocate, serving as Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance president for multiple years running, and has even claimed that this position has helped to propel her activism.

Though she may seem like an ordinary teen, Emma Gonzalez is everything but. Through her tweets, speeches, and bold, uncompromising stance on gun control, young Gonzalez has managed to “call BS” on current gun laws and demand reform from officials. Gonzalez has formed an eminent position for herself in the need for reform and has become a face easily identifiable with the March For Our Lives movement, and shows us what it truly means to defy expectations of children and rise to defend what we believe in, all while setting precedence for great change.

“Not today. Never again.”


Photo: Rhona Wise/AFP/Getty Images



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