Seniors, You Don’t Have To Know Where You’re Going

I have less than a month of high school left, and I know that in the fall I’m going to a university far away from home. I don’t have a concrete plan that I intend on following during or after college though, because why should I? Life is unpredictable and external factors will change your objectives, it’s easier to adapt to new situations.

The other day I spoke with a friend who feels nervous because she has no plans after high school–she doesn’t like the traditional school atmosphere, she doesn’t have a specific career in mind that she could just jump into and she’s scared. But as we had this much-needed conversation, I realized that we’re young. We (hopefully) have long lives ahead of us. You do not need to know what you want to do with the rest of your life right now. It’s okay to be lost because how will you ever really find yourself if you don’t get lost? Cheesy I suppose, nevertheless it’s true. Please take advantage of the resources you have right now, you are allowed to be whoever you want.

Go to college for a semester, or drop out if you’ve realized that school is not for you. Travel. And yes, traveling is expensive however these amazing Youtubers, Damon and Jo have found easy ways to travel for cheap (and yes I mean really cheap). Start that business you’ve had in the back of your mind for years. You do not need a degree to be your own boss. Be an artist. Painting or drawing your thing? Love writing? Or singing? Now is the time to try turning that secret dream into a reality. Volunteer. Help who you can and in the process you’ll be helping yourself.

Whatever you end up doing with your life, is your choice. You deserve to be happy. You shouldn’t be living anyone else’s life. To anywhere out there, no matter your age, please put yourself on the line, as scary as it may be, you only get one chance to make mistakes, and be a success. You are not selfish for wanting to take a risk with your life, despite what family members or friends may say. Live the life you want. If you’re reading this and none of it interests you, consider just taking a break. After years and years of assignments you didn’t like, tests you stressed over, and quizzes that brought your grade down I am sure you are exhausted.


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