School Awards Students For Promoting “No To Same-Sex Marriage”


Fighting against a religion’s perspective about an issue is a hard thing to do. One of which is about the same-sex marriage.

A Philippine School, San Beda College Alabang located in Muntinlupa, Philippines, awarded a group of students for promoting “No To Same-Sex Marriage” this week. Now, it has been spreading all over Facebook and Twitter.

The high school students were emboldened by the event’s organizers to talk about the church’s views about this issue. According to the students of this school that I interviewed, this competition doesn’t reflect what they think about same-sex marriage as they are avid supporters of it. Sadly, they were forced to do such ignorant thing for the sake of their grade. Also, using a sensitive topic like this for a performance task could’ve been approached by its organizers in a more appropriate manner where no one would be offended.

For me, I didn’t like how those students made the tarp as they were disrespecting the pride flag. Mind you, the pride flag is also as important to the LGBTQ+ community as our Philippine flag to us Filipinos. It’s disappointing that those students are forced to do such thing just to pass and they can not do anything about it.

They also have put a bible verse below it from Leviticus 20:13: “If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable.” Are we seriously going to ignore the things that we’re actually not supposed to do? Like eating pork, crustaceans, fat, blood, wearing fabric blends, or tearing your clothes? A lot of us have actually been doing these things all the time but as soon as you start being with someone that is the same sex as you are and love them for who they are is accounted as a sin?

If their purpose was to help students prepare for the outside world, they’re not helping at all. Yes, San Beda is a private institution that can control what the students should do, it’s still a school. Every school is supposed to teach students how to be decent human beings and to be well educated. Still, the organizers do not see that at all. Unfortunately, their organizers still have not posted any comments in regards to this issue.

Respect is the key needed to resolve the problem that they have started. In fact, implementing respect towards their school should never be a hard thing, right?

Loving someone should not be a problem, whatever sex they may be.



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