Why Shame Body Mods?

Been refused a job because of your body modifications? Received trolling online? Been shamed for your body? Or do all three seem very similar to you? Physical appearance discrimination is found in everyday situations and has increased since the progress in technology. For looking against the society’s norm, I personally have resulted in being segregated, struggled getting a job and received disgusting comments regarding my body modded appearance.

Individuals across the world are discriminated because of their ink, piercings, clothing or hair. With over 54% of millennials having a body modification, the current generation is discriminating and refusing jobs to the future leaders of the countries and who will be running the huge companies. It is time to ditch the society’s norm.

The workplace is one of the top places for appearance discriminating with jobs declining an applicant for a job role being a valid reason for refusal. My appearance doesn’t change my ability to work. Personally, I have been affected by discrimination against my appearance. I conducted a small experiment, taking my CV into a number of shops with advertisements for staff along with through job websites. I received more emails/calls from companies who hadn’t seen me personally whilst receiving zero from shops I personally took in. Is this because I’m a plus-sized female with dyed hair, several piercings and tattoos? Or because of my CV filled with many qualifications and skills attached?

1970s superstar David Bowie was one of the first celebrities to fight against society’s ‘norm.’ With his brightly colored red hair to his detailed painted make up to his androgynous figure, he fought heavily against stigma and lived his life and created his appearance to his liking. Quoted from Bowie himself, ‘I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human.’ Since then, more celebrities have followed with altering their appearances through hair dye and body mods. Big stars such as Ruby Rose and Lady Gaga have also fought through appearance discrimination but kept their ‘loud’ appearances with tattoos and constant hair changes. They all encourage people to stand out from the crowds and that different is positive and not a negative that society suggests.

Although physical appearance discrimination is still active, society is opening up and the ‘norm’ is expanding. More people are getting body modifications, dying their hair and deciding to wear alternative clothing and not following society’s footsteps. From fashion-icon David Bowie leading the way in the 70s followed by current singer, Lady Gaga and actress, Ruby Rose, many people are escaping the barrier to be who they are meant to be. Who cares if they have a metal bar in their face? Or even a piece of ink on there body? What if someone’s hair is pink or blue or even rainbow or wearing alternative clothes compared to others? You are you: metal, ink, hair-dye and all.



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