Watch Out For Doug Ford, The Canadian Trump Wannabe

A parallel to Trump’s presidential campaign is currently taking place in Ontario, Canada with Doug Ford. Ford’s brother, Rob Ford, used to be the mayor of Toronto but damaged his reputation through his negative drinking habits and a leaked video of him smoking crack cocaine.

Doug Ford is striving to become Ontario’s leader, possibly uplifting the connotation of the Ford name. Yet, as he continues to campaign, many are relating him to Donald Trump and his tactics.

John Filion, a former member of the Toronto city council, stated, “Doug is smart in the way Trump is smart. Doug is very calculating, and like Trump, doesn’t have any political ideology…. It’s this intellectual agility to come up with positions that appeal to a broad group of people even if they make no sense.”

Ford promised to put an end to the Liberal Party and their leader Kathleen Wynne.

In response to this, Wynne angrily called him a bully and said, “Doug Ford sounds like Donald Trump, and that’s because he is like Donald Trump. He believes in an ugly, vicious brand of politics that traffics in smears and lies. He’ll say anything about anyone at any time because he’s just like Trump. It’s all about him.”

Although it is important to attempt to understand opposing views and political parties that have different goals, many citizens vote for people like Trump and Ford because of the information they are being fed. This information isn’t entirely correct, but these people aren’t educated on the issues and don’t take the time to understand what’s going on.

It’s important that everyone become a conscious voter and truly grasps all the important aspects of the campaign and the corresponding political parties.

What Trump and Ford do is establish this “enemy” mentality in which anyone who doesn’t agree is the villain. In psychological terms, this results in the in-group versus out-group, or in other words “us versus them”.

After Wynne’s comment, Ford backlashed by calling her “desperate,” which immediately put all the negative attention back on her.

Similarly, Trump did this to Hillary Clinton by repeatedly calling her “crooked Hillary,” an insult that might seem childish but actually worked effectively.

Many people get sucked into these mentalities and support these types of politicians because it becomes easy for them to point fingers. By putting the blame and fire on another group or person, the solution to complex issues pops up: eliminate that group or person.

This is why it’s important for everyone to be an active, conscious voter. No one wants to fall into these traps, and it’s crucial to vote for someone that is going to protect the people and take action.

Photo: Andrew Meade



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