Stormy Daniels Sues Donald Trump for Defamation

Stormy Daniels has begun the next step in her crusade to bring down the President. Following President Trump’s tweet calling the forensic sketch of the man Daniels’ claims threatened her in 2011 a “con job,” the adult film star has filed a second lawsuit against Donald Trump.

Daniel’s first lawsuit against Trump was recently put on hold by its Los Angeles County judge for the next ninety days, due to the fact that President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen is under federal investigations. That suit was aimed to dissolve a non-disclosure agreement that Daniel’s claims to have signed in exchange for $130,000 shortly before the election. The President and the White House currently deny all allegations that Trump was ever involved with Ms. Daniels.

This new lawsuit claims that the tweet constitutes defamation and his accusations that Ms. Daniels is lying have opened her up to threats. The suit was filed this Monday with a federal court in New York City.

It is unclear what Ms. Daniels’s motives are with these suits. Whether she wants justice, revenge, vindication or merely money, Daniels has left corruption exposed in the wake of her quest to sue the President.

Photo: AP



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