Scott Pruitt: The Most Corrupt Man in Washington

There are some questions mankind may never know the answers to. Where did we come from? Is there life after death? Are we alone in the universe? Yet out of all of these unanswerable queries, the most baffling might be this: how on earth does Scott Pruitt still have a job?

The embattled Administrator of the Environment Protection Agency has somehow withstood the test of time to become one of the few remaining original hires of President Trump’s ever-changing Cabinet. This feat is even more astonishing when considering the myriad of scandals surrounding him. In fact, it is not much of a stretch to label Pruitt as the most corrupt man in D.C. right now. This is quite an honor for him, considering America’s capital is overflowing with misconduct and criminality.

To fully understand the horridness of Scott Pruitt, one must first analyze his controversial appointment in the first place. This is a man who has been a longtime enemy of the EPA, and repeatedly sued the agency in the past for its efforts to regulate mercury, smog, and pollution. It apparently angered Pruitt very much that the EPA was so bold as to try to keep Americans safe from such toxins. After all, global warming might not “necessarily be a bad thing,” according to him.

Now Pruitt is in charge of the very agency he once hated and is clearly doing his best to destroy it from the inside. He has repealed nearly ever Obama-era regulation to protect the environment and almost seems to be actively trying to ruin the world. He is, in essence, a super villain.

However, this is not enough to cost someone their government position (see Stephen Miller). In fact, this is the very reason Trump hired Pruitt in the first place. By all accounts, he is doing precisely what the president wants.

This, of course, is just part of the equation. In addition to his thorough obliteration of the environment, Pruitt is also racking up a scandal portfolio that rivals even Donald Trump’s. Considering Dr. Ronny Jackson had to withdraw his name from consideration to head the Department of Veterans Affairs and also resign as White House physician due to a series of scandals, it seems logical that Pruitt should have been ousted months ago. Inexplicably, he is still firmly secure in his role and has even been praised by the president for doing a “great job.”

All of this after Pruitt violated federal law by spending $43,000 to install a soundproof booth in his office, defied the White House in order to grant obscene raises to his favorite aides, used taxpayer money for private flights, overspent on securitydemoted those who spoke out against his overspending, lived in a condo owned by lobbyists who often lobbied the EPA, lied during his testimonies before Congress for these scandals and more.

Pruitt is greasier than a fast food apron. It seems as if every week he remains in charge, more of his unethical behavior is discovered. The White House is reportedly upset with with Pruitt’s troubling improprieties and has told him as such. So then why has the EPA administrator been able to cling to this job for over a year?

The answer may very well be that Trump simply likes Pruitt and the job he is doing. Out of all of the current and former Cabinet officials, Pruitt has undoubtedly been the most effective at enforcing Trump’s agenda. After failing to repeal Obamacare, failing to implement his travel ban and failing to put the Russia investigation to rest, Trump desperately needs wins. Pruitt provides that for him, despite how terrible those “wins” may be for the earth.

As Pruitt’s scandals continue to pile up, so too do the the calls for him to be ousted. Even Chief of Staff John Kelly wants him gone. Trump appears to still be sticking by his man, at least for now. He knows he has a loyal ally in the EPA and that is more than he can say for most of his other Cabinet positions.

So long as Pruitt continues to serve his ego and enact his policies, his job in Washington is safe for the foreseeable future and as long as Pruitt is safe, the environment is most certainly not.

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