Another Trump Cover-Up Man: Rudy Giuliani

From the very beginning of his candidacy back in 2015, Trump has always needed people props to clean up after his messy mistakes. It was Sean Spicer and then Sarah Huckabee Sanders as White House Press Secretaries, then Attorney General Jeff Sessions and lawyer Michael Cohen. Because everybody on that list has been exposed countless times and devalued for their unethical morality, he has consistently needed to turn to new faces to help him. However, the new Trump puppet is especially problematic. His name is Rudy Giuliani. And his primary job is figuring out how to properly navigate this Stormy Daniels affair.
Most of the American public remembers Giuliani as the mayor of New York during and post 9/11, when he navigated a delicate situation and raised his city from ashes. 7 years later, his attempt to become president ended in disaster and his political capital was flushed.
With all the new “facts that [we] didn’t know]” about being revealed on Fox News because of Giuliani, it’s difficult to keep up. And it’s even more difficult to know which one of these new facts are enough for a criminal conviction. So, let’s begin with new facts about the most powerful man on earth.
Firstly, the affair with porn star Stormy Daniels — which he alleges didn’t happen — was paid for without using campaign funds. Trump also reimbursed Cohen with $35,000 monthly increments totaling $130,00 for Daniels’ silence. Later on, when speaking with The Washington post and Wall Street Journal, he dove into specifics of the Stormy Daniels payment. Giuliani claimed that Trump was not aware of the payment as it was about a week before the election, yet if he was told then he would not have remembered this information. This hush money was referred to as a nuisance payment and alluded to the fact that other women were probably paid off. Secondly, he claims that the FBI Director James Comey was fired because he did not explicitly say that Trump was not targeted in the Russian investigation and claims that he [Trump] is entitled to that. That rings quite hilarious to the American public, as obviously, POTUS’ collusion is on the short list of Mueller’s investigation purposes.
This is the ultimate threat to democracy, because Trump being treated as a supreme citizen and not a fair agent of the law. When the president is being given special privileges and allowed to perform illegal activities without consequence, then he has failed the American people.

Photo: Carolyn Kaster / Associated Press



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