Kelly Sadler’s Comments are Reflective of her Boss

As I type this right now, White House aide Kelly Sadler still has a job. This, in and of itself, is disgraceful. As the firestorm continues to swirl around Sadler, she will eventually have to be let go. Trump cannot conceivably keep her on staff, if for not other reason than optics.

The previously no-name staffer is now the center of attention across the nation for all the wrong reasons. On Thursday morning, when White House officials were discussing Senator John McCain’s opposition to President Trump’s pick for CIA director, Sadler said that the eight-one year old was “dying anyway”. This is, of course, reference to the fact that McCain has been battling with brain cancer over the past year.

The comment was supposedly meant as a joke, which causes one to question how anyone would think that such a remark would be even remotely funny. The aide has since been criticized by people on both sides of the aisle, McCain’s wife, McCain’s daughter and more. Yet someone who has been oddly silent on the matter is President Trump.

This is quite peculiar, considering that every day he tweets every thought that enters his head. Now he is disturbingly silent as one of his own employees mocks a war hero.

Perhaps it is because Trump himself doesn’t consider McCain to be a war hero, as he said himself. Or perhaps he has been busy doing presidential things like watching T.V. and golfing. More likely than not, he just does not care and will continue to not care until the public pressure is so fierce that he has no choice but to fire Sadler.

Similar to the Ronny Jackson and Scott Pruitt sagas, the real story here is not the actions of Trump’s employees. No, the real story lies in his stubborn unwillingness to admit their immorality and fire them. Even when he had to fire Mike Flynn (a man who has now plead guilty to lying to the F.B.I.), Trump still defended the criminal. He remained on Rob Porter’s side after the aide was accused of beating his ex-wives. He stood up for Bill O’Reilly after it came out that the television host had been sexually harassing women for decades. He defended Roy Moore amid allegations that the then-Senate candidate had sexually assaulted teenagers.

And now he is silent on Sadler’s cringe-worthy “joke.” This is no surprise considering how he constantly defends irredeemable behavior and his own history of “locker room talk.”

I do think Sadler will be fired. She is of no real use to the president and eventually the outcry will become too great for him to withstand, similar to what happened with Flynn and Porter. The fact that she has not been terminated already is outrageous.

In reference to Sadler’s remarks about her father, Meghan McCain said on “The View” today that she doesn’t “understand what kind of environment you’re working in when that would be acceptable and then you can come to work the next day and still have a job.”

She is, of course, correct. Comments like this would unacceptable at every respectable workplace in the country. Unfortunately, Trump’s White House is far from a respectable workplace. Just ask the man running it.

Photo Credit: US Magazine



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