Harassment and Abuse in Politics: The Bipartisan Problem and Extremely Partisan Solution

On the day Harvey Weinstein was finally arrested for rape, the conversation surrounding sexual harassment has been reignited. The legendary movie producer has asserted himself not only in film, but also heavily in the world of politics. The longtime Democratic donor is just one of several prominent Democrats who have been outed as abusers and harassers this year. The long list includes names like Sen. Al Franken, Rep. John Conyers Jr., N.Y. A.G. Eric Schneiderman and more.

At first glance, it would appear that the Democrats have a problem. So many high profile members of their own party, including a former presidential hopeful and the man investigating the president’s possible crimes in New York, have been forced out of office due to inappropriate behavior regarding women.

Yet, this is far from a partisan problem. Lest we forget the Roy Moore pedophilia allegations, Greg Gianforte’s assault charges, Steve Bannon’s domestic abuse history, President Trump’s many sexual harassment accusers and the famous Access Hollywood tape and more. There are only two major differences between these four names and the aforementioned three names: their party and therefore, their lack of consequences.

Moore still ran (and lost) in Alabama with the support of the GOP. Gianforte won his election and continues to represent the people of Montana in Congress. Bannon served in the White House for months before being ousted for reasons unrelated to his past. Trump is President.

Assault, abuse and harassment are all bipartisan issues currently plaguing predatory men of all industries. Many of these men have been rightly brought down for their actions. Now Weinstein is the first to actually face criminal charges.

Meanwhile, Republicans across the landscape continue to sit comfortably in their jobs without fear of repercussions. Democrats, just like nearly every other faction of the U.S., do not condone abuse and harassment. Republicans merely shrug it off or deny it.

The truth of the matter is that they just do not care. All that matters to them is winning elections and promoting their agenda, which is why Paul Ryan can shrug off Trump’s accusations while criticizing Matt Lauer for the same thing. It’s why Mitch McConnell can come out so strong against Roy Moore, yet walk back his criticism when he thinks the election might still be winnable for the GOP. It’s why Trump can defend Moore and Bill O’Reilly, along with hiring Rob Porter and Bannon while fully aware of their past, and still have the nerve to condemn Franken and Weinstein.

Morals only apply to Republicans when it suits them. Rep. Tim Murphy proved that after encouraging his lover to get an abortion after publicly opposing it for years. Ryan, McConnell and Trump prove it with their hypocritical stances on all of these predators. White evangelical voters prove it by still sticking by Trump, despite his accusers, lewd video and porn star payouts.

Democrats have done and are continuing to do the right thing by holding members of their party accountable for their actions. Republicans, on the other hand, just don’t have time to worry about “morals” and “ethics.” They are far too busy trying to take away your healthcare and split up families.


Photo Credit: New York Magazine



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