Why This Might Be The Worst Stretch of The Trump Presidency

The month of May has certainly been chaotic under the Trump administration (and no, it isn’t because it’s Gemini Season). Trump first pulled out of the Iranian Nuclear Deal, ignored Waffle House Hero James Shaw for weeks only to tweet support for Tomi Lahren shortly after she had water dumped on her and recently pulled out of the summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-In. All of these events could prove to have a catastrophic impact on future of this country’s national security, gun reform, etc. and here is why:

The Nuclear Deal

The Iranian Nuclear Deal was set in motion to begin to slowly establish a level of trust between Iran and the international community, especially the United States. In a simple version, economic sanctions were lifted (the “billions of dollars the U.S. is handing to Iran,” that Fox News correspondents feed off of) in exchange for Iran reducing their enrichment of nuclear capable elements such as uranium on a 10 year deal. Intelligence suggested Iran was not violating the terms of the agreement (which was created in part by and reviewed by top nuclear physicists), but Trump felt otherwise and pulled the plug. Pulling out of this agreement means that if the U.N. and other countries that signed on such as France or China do not find a compromise to uphold the terms, Iran can enrich at an uncontrolled rate and potentially develop weapons of mass destruction, leading the world one step closer to nuclear warfare. That is on Trump’s hands and Trump’s hands only.

James Shaw v. Tomi Lahren

There should be nothing polarizing about one man stopping a mass shooter with his bare hands. Both Republicans and Democrats should be obligated to commend James Shaw for what he did. And he has the potential to be the first non-polarizing figure in combatting gun violence (and clearly cares when he showed support for the Parkland kids). Yet the President failed to act upon it. Instead, he waited three weeks to have a sub-par phone conversation with Shaw. And the irony in this, is that Trump swiftly tweeted support for conservative commentator Tomi Lahren when she had water thrown on her arm when she was out to eat. He fueled the fire of an extremely polarizing political figure, rather than take action on an ability to bring this country together. And his supports have the audacity to call that leadership when it reality it is a complete and utter failure.

North Korea

Trump’s failure in foreign policy and national security this month was amplified when he withdrew from a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. The meeting would’ve evidently made history and been the first step in creating a dialogue of peace between North Korea and the United States. Pulling back from this meeting has incredibly negative consequences. There was an active channel between the two countries and that channel is crippled now, if not completely broken. North Korea’s nuclear capabilities are down and this meeting could’ve been the first step in ensuring they stay that way. But by pulling out of the meeting (for now at least), Trump once again put us closer to nuclear warfare.

I don’t have an ability to take a glimpse into the future. I don’t know what two to six more years of a Trump presidency could look like, but I do know that what has happened in the first two years, especially this month, has hurt this country. Strong leaders know that war should never be a goal, but rather a last resort and only foolish leaders willingly use war for an agenda. And Trump’s foreign policies have put this country one step closer to war. He had a unique ability to promote and create the first non-polarizing dialogue on gun control with hero James Shaw, yet shunned him for one of the most provocative and polarizing Republican figures in Tomi Lahren. He has failed us with school shootings, failed us in healthcare, in equity and equality and he has divided and conquered this country.

One of the biggest things that resonates with me from the Black Panther movie is when King T’Challa addresses the U.N. at the end of the movie and says “More connects us than separates us.” And I can’t help but think this should apply to modern American politics.

This past month is a prime example of why Trump is not an effective or beneficial leader for this country and why he is causing an incredible amount of damage. And this shouldn’t be surprising considering he said there were “very bad people on both sides” when Nazis and white nationalists protested and killed a woman in Charlottesville. The more he does, the more Russian intelligence wins, racism wins, Nazism wins and division wins. He fails the middle and lower classes, women, people of color, the LGBT+ community, immigrants and people who truly believe in one day living in an equitable society. And I hope that someday, someone, hones into the true potential this country has to help itself and its global neighbors and fix the disaster this President is creating by actually make America great to begin with.

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