Natural Ways to Get Better Sleep

Sleep affects one’s health more than people realize. Too much sleep has been linked to diabetes and heart disease. Lack of sleep can affect a person’s overall health and lead to high blood pressure, obesity, and also heart disease and diabetes. It is recommended that everyone receives a full eight hours of sleep every night but it’s more difficult for some to reach that goal than others. Here’s how to get better sleep, helping you have an awake and healthy life.

Exercise: Exercising at least five days a week can decrease insomnia by reducing depressive and anxiety symptoms. Physical activity produces chemicals, endorphins, in the brain that act as painkillers. Deep breathing and meditation will produce endorphins too. Also, it improves sleep which can cut back stress levels.

Less Use of Technology: Excessive light from screens before bedtime convinces the body that you are not ready for sleep. Advising your brain that it’s daytime, screens can encourage sleep deprivation. Researchers have discovered that using a cell phone before falling asleep can possibly cause confusion, headaches, and insomnia. Technology will also interfere with the body’s ability to refresh. It is suggested that you stop using all devices one hour prior to sleep. You can spend that time reading a book, taking a shower, listening to a podcast (keep your eyes off the device you use/turn on night mode if necessary), or cleaning your home or bedroom.

Drink Tea: Chamomile, catnip, sleepytime, passionflower, decaf green, or hops tea are recommended teas to drink before going to bed. Some teas are made from compounds that are used in supplements that promote sleep. Also, the calming and warm feeling can help you become sleepy.

Go to your doctor and ask their opinion if natural ways aren’t working for you! It’s a possibility that medication could be the solution to your problem.  But, if that’s not for you, then there are several other ways you can fall into a deep sleep. Others include a healthy diet, lavender/titled sleep essential oils (leave a few drops on your pillow), listening to sounds such as rain or white noise, etc.

Help your body get the rest it needs!



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