Tips for Staying Productive This Summer

Summer is coming and most students are just about finishing up their last weeks in school. While summer is definitely a time for relaxing and taking a break, it also provides you with a lot of free time to self-improve and complete tasks that you might have been to busy to do during the year. Here are some tips for having a productive summer.

1. Don’t wake up/sleep too late.

We all know that the best part about summer is getting to sleep in until noon and staying up all night watching Netflix. However, doing that everyday can kill your productivity levels. In order to maximize productivity, it’s best to try and maintain a somewhat regular sleep pattern.

2. Learn a new skill.

During the school year, most of our time is taken up with schoolwork and extracurriculars. However, summer break provides you with time to explore a new hobby that has always interested you. This can include trying out a new instrument, learning a new language, or anything else of your choosing. Finding a new skill that interests sparks your interest gives you something to do on the slow summer days and ensures that your brain stays sharp.

3. Stay active.

While you might not have found the time to exercise during the school year, summer provides you with the time to start working towards your personal fitness goals. Whether it’s working out at a gym or simply taking a walk, exercise releases endorphins that help you feel more positive throughout the day. If you aren’t sure of what you would like to do, many fitness studios offer free trial classes so you can get a sense of what you enjoy.

4. Get rid of what you don’t need.

We tend to accumulate a lot of junk throughout the year and it’s nice to get rid of clutter that we no longer need. Try to donate anything that you haven’t used or worn in the past year, because chances are, you won’t ever be needing it.

5. Do a deep clean.

While the common saying is “spring cleaning,” spring time often times coincides with exam time for students. During the summer, you no longer have any excuses to put off your cleaning, so invest a few hours to really clean out your living area. Try to vacuum, dust, and wash everything you have.

6. Help out your community.

Find an organization that you like and volunteer for it. Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and is also a very rewarding experience. If you enjoy spending time with people, hospitals and nursing homes are great places to look into. Love animals? Try reaching out to your local animal shelter. It doesn’t have to be a solo experience either– find a place that you and your friends both like and go for it!

7. Prepare for the next school year.

We all hate it, but if you are returning back to school the next year, it’s best to prepare for the year while you have an abundance of time. If you have exams such as SATs or ACTs, try and study for them over the summer. If you are choosing to take hard classes, it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the information. Whatever work you decide to do over the summer, you will definitely thank yourself later.

Remember, your summer is what you make it. Productivity is all about maximizing your time. Take this summer as it comes and use the extra time to accomplish the tasks you weren’t able to during the year–but don’t forget to relax as well!

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