From working at your local Starbucks making unicorn frappucinos to promoting bathing suits for a Instagram swimwear company online — there are PLENTY of ways to get your own money as a teenager, especially since school’s out. So read on to learn more:

1. Retail And Fast Food Chains

Attached is a thread of popular fast food and store chains that hire teenagers. Typically, in order to work at these places, you have to interview and go through training. Not only is this a great way to make money but you can also meet new people around your age!

2. Your Community And Neighborhood

If the traditional 9 to 5 isn’t up to your speed, there are many financial opportunities right in your backyard. Try:

  • Babysitting
  • Dog walking/Pet maintenance
  • Making your own summer camp/working at a summer camp
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Tutoring
  • Working at a local library/business

3. Social Media Marketing 

Wanna get paid from home? Try social media marketing. There are lots of companies on Instagram that have ambassador programs that pay teenagers for promoting their brand. Some of these companies even let teenagers get free items or discounts.

4. Freelance Work 

There’s also freelance work where websites like Upwork and Freelance have people that are willing to pay you to either write, draw, code, etc., for them. Just find something that you are interested in and type in freelance work.

5. YouTube

Creative? Have some sort of talent or skill? Just plain talkative? Start a YouTube channel. When posting YouTube videos you can monetize them which can get you cash!

All in all, relying on your parents to buy you stuff doesn’t always work out. So that’s why having a job as a teenager can be very beneficial. But make sure to use good spending habits with the money you get from your job — don’t just spend it all on things you don’t need!

Image: Pexels

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