Love Before Likes

Changing priorities in adolescents means it’s becoming more difficult to find the line between narcissism and self-care.

Due to social media, young people today have taken on the attitude that focusing on number one is the only thing that matters. Being emotionally intelligent and independent is great, but at what point do we just turn into an extremely selfish generation? 

Twitter, for example, plays a key role idolizing the lifestyle of displaying lack of empathy for others and simply doing what makes you, and only you, happy. Someone could tweet about how they think caring for others is ‘the worst,’ and it would get thousands of likes in hours. What is happening to us?

Lately, I’ve noticed that people use this warped idea of ‘self-care’ to justify their ignorant and rude behaviors, attempting to disguise it as ‘free will’ or ‘not putting up with toxic behavior.’  The increasing amount of self-centered people on social media alone proves that young people are so wrapped up in the concept of doing what they like, effecting how they act in real life, that we forget how to actually communicate and be good individuals.

As a generation, we are forgetting how to simply love and trust without it being complicated, without always wanting more.

Everyday, people are passing through life not supporting their friends enough or giving help when needed, and I personally blame social media for this new-found perspective that results in everyone looking down on one another. Yes, prioritize those that prioritize you, and don’t settle for anything less than you deserve– but don’t become so absorbed that you forget to compliment others. It’s equally as important to live and work in an inclusive environment where everyone feels supported, and young people in particular are losing these values in today’s society. Another example is when people say on social media platforms that it’s okay to talk about mental health, yet continue to ignore their friends’ signs of unhealthy behavior. When on our phones, everyone is putting on a fake show to a fake audience.

I guess what I am trying to say is that everyone just needs to remember that being happy and empathetic is not boring behavior at all. It’s not ‘fake’ to be nice to everyone. Celebrate others’ successes and be happy for them when you can. Most importantly, if you ever get the chance to make someones day a little bit better, then do it.


Photo: Ilya Pavlov via Unsplash



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