A Woman President Is Needed Now More Than Ever

It deeply saddens me that this still hasn’t happened. Women are on the rise in the society we live in today, but there is one obvious factor that is missing from this invigorating equation: a woman has never been elected president in the United States. Some may view this as an amazing thing– but people like myself, who realize how substantial this would be to the world, think vastly the opposite.

So why in hundreds of years hasn’t this occurred? Good question. Let’s focus on why it should.

Angela Merkel has exceedingly led Germany since 2005 as chancellor. Keep in mind, Germany’s economy has become one of the most powerful in the world. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has been president of Argentina for various years, and has led them through spectacular strides. Dilma Rousseff leads Brazil, and has been president since 2011. Back in 1979, Margaret Thatcher made history as the UK’s first female prime minister. Even though that so far she is the only female prime minister to be elected, she left an incredible imprint that will last a lifetime. I would say as an American citizen, it’s very embarrassing and leaves a bad taste in my mouth that we can’t bring ourselves to do the same. As a woman, we are just as capable as a man to lead such an immaculate role.

Another study determined that in over 3,000 companies, women leading them preformed better. 

It is one of the only comparable aspects that we can study, seeming that it presents to us women that can lead important branches just fine. Women can handle any job that men can. It has been proven time and time again.

It shouldn’t be a remarkable event in this society– it should be normal. There is such a stigma that surrounds women. That we are irrational. Emotional. We aren’t capable of such positions of importance. But I can remind you of one thing; we cannot rule it out if it has never even been attempted., although for many years of oppression against the female kind,we have been looked down upon. It is what we need because the repetition of the past that keeps popping up– is getting incredibly old. Men and women must be socially equal. End of story.

I hope and pray that someday my kids will not have to go through the same prejudice and vial thoughts that accumulate the minds of many today. Both women and men are making amazing progress to the world, but this is just one aspect that deems true.

We need a woman president in this society more than ever, and we must not stop until we achieve  that ever-binding goal.


Photo: Steven DeVivo



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