Your Actions Will Save the Environment, Not Your Outrage

It seems that with every day that passes, the Trump administration enacts a new policy or law that will drag our environment into deterioration. With every day that passes, our indignation for his indifference towards the environment grows stronger and stronger. We signed petitions after President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement in June 2017. We unleashed our outrage in the form of a trending Twitter hashtag: #NoDAPL when the president signed executive orders to allow construction of the North Dakota Access Pipeline, which not only threatened the environment but also infringed on the rights of indigenous people. We were relentless in our efforts to call attention to the president’s decisions that could greatly endanger the environment for years to come.

Activism is important — but actions are even more so. Time and time again, President Trump has proved that his administration will not be the preservers of the environment that the world desperately needs. If the Trump administration won’t defend the environment, it’s our job to shoulder the burden.

Environmentalism is one of the easiest causes to get involved with as our everyday actions affect the condition of our world. No matter who we are, we all have our own carbon footprints, our running taps, our overflowing trash bins — which are endless opportunities to help our environment. By slightly adjusting our ordinary actions, we can be the protectors of the Earth that we so desperately need.

We all know that reusing and recycling old items, restricting our water usage, carpooling to work, and choosing paper over plastic are all environmentally friendly ways to take action. However, there are so many unconventional, little-known ways to support the environment. Cut down your family’s meat consumption by just a fraction, and you’ll help decrease nitrous oxide emissions from reduced production of livestock feed and deforestation in the Amazons due to ranching. Use natural, organic dish soaps and disinfectants and you’ll reduce risks to your personal health while avoiding the release of hazardous chemicals and volatile organic compounds. Choose the mall over Amazon and take a shopping trip with a bunch of friends and you’ll not only return less items, but also decrease the particulates and emissions that hulking delivery trucks are notorious for.

Indignation alone won’t keep endangered species alive, reduce levels of acid precipitation, maintain our sea levels. We need to take action in our lives. No matter who you are and what your life entails, there’s are ways, no matter how small, to make a difference to the environment. We don’t need trending Twitter hashtags, huge marches, and letters of protest to save our environment — we just need to jump on Google and become more informed, environmentally-aware people. If the president won’t create positive change, we can, and we will.

Photo: Kyle Ellefson 



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