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Brexit Secretary Resigns; U.K. Government More Unstable Than Ever

Yesterday, United Kingdom secretary David Davis resigned due to his irreconcilable differences with prime minister Theresa May.

Don’t know who David Davis is? All you need to know is that Davis was the secretary overseeing Brexit, otherwise known as the United Kingdom’s official departure from the European Union. Due to his belief that the U.K. was in “a weak negotiating position,” Davis tendered his resignation and claimed that the PM’s approach to the proceedings is making the deal “look less and less likely.” While Davis’s departure may come across as just another politician that needs replacing, it has weakened PM May’s government in a crucial time filled with negotiation and compromise. Now, without Davis, May’s government is more unstable than ever and the Brexit deal seems inconceivable.

Davis made the argument that May’s soft approach will only lead to a longer list of demands. While this reasoning is logical, if the U.K. doesn’t agree to the conditions laid out by the E.U. by March, they would not only lose the deal, but they would also endanger their largest export market. So who exactly is right here? Is it time for a soft approach, or will compromise make the government appear weaker than it already is? The resignation of Davis does more than raise questions on the status of the Brexit deal, it calls Theresa May’s authority into question. Many people believe that the resignation of Davis proves the lack of strength behind May’s leadership. Davis’s departure coupled with the resignation of two other Brexit officials, Steve Baker and Suella Braverman, goes to show the lack of confidence May’s own cabinet has in her skills as a leader.

While the feminist in me is always in support of female leaders, I too believe it is time for Theresa May to step down and hand the reigns over to an individual more qualified to execute the nation’s departure from the Union. At the end of the day, it isn’t about the party or the leader, it is about what’s good for the country.

Photo: Val Vesa 

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Yashi Samrendra
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Yashi is a student at University of California, Berkeley. She is passionate about feminism and politics. Yashi spends her free time writing, painting, and spending time with her family.

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