Why Trump’s Recent Attacks on Iran are Hypocritical and Self-Contradictory

So Trump went on a Twitter rant Sunday night… again. This time, our sad excuse for a President fired shots at several different people/topics, ranging from RussiaGate to Hillary Clinton. The most important Tweet may very well be his “threat” to Iranian President Rouhini, which reads below:

This isn’t the first threat to have been tweeted, but it could be the one that has the most impact. Moderate leftist Twitter took it as a joke and began making a meme out of this tweet, which under most circumstances would be hilarious. However, we all know the atrocities that the US has and still continues to do, and we also know modern presidents have a history of dropping bombs on civilians in the name of “freedom.”

Iran has been the target of US & Israeli media for months now, and it may appear that a storm is brewing due to Trump’s temper tantrum. War Criminal Bolton has the button ready for takeoff and is just waiting for the signal to strike. We should take a moment to see the hypocrisy in this situation and why the US has absolutely no right to tell Iran what to do.

First of all, there is no evidence Iran has any nuclear weapons or violated the deal at all. Additionally, how is the only country in the world to have used these weapons for war crimes going to dictate what everyone else does? The hypocrisy truly jumped up out because the government has fooled themselves to believe they are doing the world a favor while stockpiling bomba and picking which country to destroy next.

It also appears that Donald Trump’s past disagrees with going to war with Iran.

At this point it’s believable he is a psychic or time traveler, since his old tweets criticizing the President can often be directed back to himself. If you replaced Obama with Trump, you couldn’t tell the difference at all. This is all a front for Trump to look big and bad so the war-loving conservatives would go insane and vote him in again for 2020. By liberals mocking him and making a joke out of everything, this might be the reality.

The Democratic party has a knack for losing, especially since they push out anyone with progressive views. If the Civil Rights Movement were happening today, Liberals would absolutely settle for segregation. They do not take threats seriously enough, and this is a major problem since Trump basically said he would drop something so powerful only a few have experienced. The only thing that comes to mind is a nuclear force that would lead to the destruction of the planet.

Photo: AP / Ebrahim Noroozi



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