Peaceful Protests End In Bloodshed in Dhaka

On July 29, two students were killed in a motor road accident. Naturally, this inspired outrage among students for safer roads and stricter regulations in a country where motorists are allowed to drive without licenses.

On July 4, police and members of the Chatro League tortured students with tear gas along with extreme acts of oppressive behavior that included protesters being brutally beaten to death, a protester having his eyes gauged out and five female protesters raped. The government has denied all claims and furthermore gone to reduce WiFi access to stop intel from getting out in response.

The only kind of intel getting out of Bangladesh are from social media users. The Prime Minster had paid a small amount of blood money to the deceased and claimed their deaths were the consequences of jaywalking. The Bangladeshi media chooses to be quiet over these protests or continue to feed into a propaganda on how students cause anarchy to their cities. However, the protests had been peacefully distributed until the interference of the government.

The only answer for this this bloodshed to end is garnering the most of social media outrage. Twitter users are encouraged to trend the hashtag #WeWantJustice and to tag international media outlets as much as possible.



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