Prominent White Nationalist Faith Goldy Runs For Toronto Mayor

As Toronto’s political world delves into a new season of candidacy, the city is presented with self-proclaimed white nationalist, Faith Goldy, as a mayoral candidate. The normalization of Goldy’s political views fails to humanize the marginalized groups left attacked under the realm of bigotry. Regardless of the outcome of her candidacy, it is important to have discussions on Goldy’s views in the context of today’s political climate and the city in which Goldy attempts to claim power.

Faith Goldy is a high-profile alt-right politician. She has been involved in many North American alt-right events and has been open about her right-wing ideology through her media presence.  Amar Amarasingam, PhD, author and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, brings to light some of her most outrageous acts of right-wing journalism, as shown below.

A video posted to her Twitter account (the video which has since been deleted from her account) shows Goldy calling standing in Bethlehem claiming that there should be a new crusade due to her being disturbed by the Adhan (the Muslim call to prayer). Her travel to Charlottesville and the post-rally visit to neo-Nazi Daily Stormer podcast had her fired from Rebel Media, a Canadian far-right political website. In a post from the website, Ezra Levant writes that in spite of his admiration for Goldy – whom he says is a “Brilliant, beautiful, tough, hard-working, great journalist” – even Rebel Media, famously and openly far-right, could not accept her appearance on Daily Stormer.

She blames terrorist attacks in London on its vast number of immigrants and its Muslim population, as if the average Muslim has direct communication with members of terrorist organizations. An astounding number of terrorist attacks take place in the Middle East, where many Muslims reside. It is unfair to say that Muslims living in a Western society are the reason terrorist attacks claim these cities, when predominantly Muslim societies suffer from these attacks as well. Goldy’s form of journalism is not only baseless and hatefully biased, but is developed simply through hateful claims which serve no purpose other than to spread a hateful ideology.

She took to Red Ice Tv to discuss her support for ethno-nationalism. Ignoring the pride Toronto consistently takes in its diversity and attempting to justify the concept of an ethnically homogenous society, Goldy says, “It is a natural tribal instinct for human communities to go with their own.”

Fashioning her racist ideology with the justification that,

“Ethno-nationalism was the greatest propeller of human history when determining the maker or breaker of empire of civilization. This is what rallies men and gets them moving.”

Goldy’s campaign will mainly surround the safety of Toronto amidst ongoing violence within the city, as seen through a Tweet from J.J McCullough, a conservative media presence.

In a statement which is perfectly concluded with a Trumpian slogan, Goldy outlines her plans for the city. She blames Tory’s inclination towards political correctness for the city’s recent spike in violence. Goldy’s solution? Bring back TAVIS, a program previously run by Toronto only to be cancelled as it was not bringing about useful results, and carding- famously known for being the source of racial profiling.

Although her intentions ring well in terms of wanting safety for the city, her Trump-inspired ending line makes us wonder; under Goldy’s authority, does the safety of Toronto come at the cost of minority scapegoating?

So is Toronto, a city that thrives off of its diverse population, the right place for someone who is so vehemently against one of the city’s most distinguished features? Goldy seems to lack understanding of what Toronto is. A vibrant city always growing and adapting to the people calling it home. Toronto is a place many people from all walks of life are proud to refer to as home. Taking the city away from one of the most integral parts of its identity is not helping it rediscover itself or establish a newer more beneficial identity; it is turning this city into a stark reminder of Canada’s dark past – one in which white supremacy and cultural genocide were pathways to progress and establishment. Blaming Torontonians who are also minorities for the issues in the city and spewing hatred towards minority Canadians does not make one a good mayor, but someone who loves power and branding more than their own city.

The media’s reaction to Faith Goldy’s candidacy has been greatly underwhelming. Many media outlets have failed to call Goldy what she is – a hateful white nationalist – in order to sugarcoat her politics.

What is the truth about Faith Goldy? She does not care about this city; she cares about demonizing and oppressing already marginalized groups through her media presence and the authoritative power that can be brought through a mayoral position. She cares about gaining the attention and fame that comes from being involved in far-right politics. Goldy’s form of governance is not anything new or different to what we have seen time and time again at the hands of alt-right politicians and journalists: a biased version of bigoted ideology in which the path to power comes through hateful unity. It is evident that Goldy is not fit to be mayor of Toronto. Although Goldy takes her candidacy seriously, given Toronto’s demographics and the hatefulness she has for so much of the population, most Torontonians would not find a meaningful municipal leader in Goldy.

However, it is important to bring to light the harm that comes from normalizing such political views and supporting Goldy. We should not ignore Goldy’s candidacy, as many might suggest. We cannot ignore her even if she did not have a presence in this mayoral race. It is essential to make an active choice to shed light on members of the alt-right, otherwise they find space in our silence to continue making ruthless comments about marginalized people and navigate the issues within any society (be it a town, city, or country) through prioritizing the systemically privileged. Hold those who are hateful accountable for their words and actions – ignoring them and sugarcoating their views is ignorance in the form of silence.



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