The Happy News: The Real Life Newspaper With Exclusively Happy Articles

Do yourself a favor and search “happy news” on google. Please. As soon as the webpage opens, your entire browser is a brighter place. White and yellow doodles take over your page and (it might seem simple) but are you not just a little taken by the cuteness of it all? This is a real newspaper, consisting of ONLY “happy” news. The Happy Newspaper is the only news media of its kind because it has created a space where only positivity and light are welcomed!

The “news” consists of articles such as “Trash Man Builds Free Library Out Of 20,000 Books He Found In Bins” and “Snow Leopard Is No Longer An Endangered Species.” “For the first time in 45 years, the snow leopard is no longer considered as an ‘endangered species’; their status has been improved from “endangered” to “vulnerable.” The decision was announced by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) – the global standard for assessing extinction risk,” writes THN.

Pieces about international successes and heartwarming stories make up this paper. “The Happy News” is such a wonderful idea in a world where so much light is shed on the negative and overshadows many predominately positive things that The Happy Newspaper brings back to light. It is so essential to take a few moments to focus on the happier side of the world and this paper is a reminder to do so.

The Happy Newspaper can be delivered as a subscription or bought in bulk (U.K. only) for varying but reasonable prices. The paper itself is 32 pages with “full color” and filled with illustrations! Perhaps you need a happy reminder in your mail box every so often (or know a friend that does). There is no doubt that this wonderful paper should be in your news rotation at some point. For more information, click here.



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