Summer is coming to an end and many first-year college students are getting ready (if they haven’t already) to move into their college dorms. For the most part, it can be exciting — from buying different things for your dorm to texting your roommate about who’s bringing what appliances. Everything leading up to move in day is exciting and it gives some nerves, but for the most part, it’s thrilling.

Then move-in day actually happens.

The parents come with their child because they are sending them away for a while, and they need to make sure they are in good living conditions. (Hint: most college freshmen don’t get “good living conditions” — the best you’ll get is maybe a decent view). After finding parking and hopefully the college provides carts or you brought your own because you brought everything you own with you.

A reminder that there are probably hundreds or thousands of other first years moving in that same day, so everything is extra long and tedious.

Before you can even get into your dorm, you have to check in and get your key, and sign all these papers that basically say “you break, you pay and welcome to college.” Fun fact: while I was moving in, I kept getting emails from financial aid, which did not help the stress I was feeling at all.

Finally, after trying to figure out where exactly you are, you make it to your dorm. Now you have to manage to rearrange all the furniture in order to make sure your things and your roommates fit in the room. Eventually, your parent(s) leave, which means you have to go socialize and meet everyone on your floor.

Move-in day is the first day where you will hear the words “say your name, your major and a fun fact about yourself!”, which if you are not someone who socializes often, is probably the most stressful part of move-in day.

Despite the stress that comes with move-in day, there are people there that help make the whole process as smooth as possible. Move-in day, as well as welcome week, is that time where you meet as many people as you can and try to make the most out of what the college offers. This will be the next few years of your life and it would not be college if it didn’t begin with stress.

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