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Why You Should Always Get Involved in School Clubs

High school is a time of learning, growing and figuring out who you are as a person and who you want to be. It can be hard to manoeuvre the struggles that come with being a high school student. Getting involved in clubs and teams around the school community not only makes high school more enjoyable but helps you navigate your way through your teenage years.

Only 57% of kids participate in extracurriculars, they’re missing out! With the new school year just starting, it’s the perfect time to join a team or club. It will lead you to meet new people, develop vital skills and benefit your future.

When I was in ninth-grade, I was super nervous. I wasn’t exactly sure where I’d fit in. I wanted to find people with similar values and interests as me. I was coming from a small school to one of the biggest high schools in the area. Getting involved helped me find the people that I wanted to develop friendships with. I joined a social justice group and started going to meetings by myself as my friends weren’t interested in it. I met a great group of people who have become my best friends and who always support me.

I’ve had so many amazing experiences through getting involved. I got to attend We Day, play in multiple sports tournaments and organize different school events. Although it can be busy, I wouldn’t trade any of it.

By joining a sports team or club that interests you, you will be around like-minded people in your community. The group of people that you will meet come from all different walks of life. They are probably people who aren’t in your regular group of friends and who you wouldn’t normally spend time with but they could turn out to become some of your closest friends because you have things like the club or team in common. When you join a team or club, students from all grades can be involved which allows you to branch out of your grade level.

The four years you spend in high school teaches and prepares you for the real world. Getting involved does the exact same thing. Time management and accountability are two of the most important skills to learn. When you join something, you are committing to the group and taking on responsibilities.

You are expected to follow through on these just like you would be in the real world. Getting into good habits with deadlines and worth ethic is super important even at a young age and it can benefit you even in your school work. I’ve learned how to balance my school work and sports over the last few years. Not only is it fun but it looks great on your college applications. It shows colleges that you’re a leader and really involved. For example, if you join the journalism club, it can really help you if you want to pursue journalism in college, colleges will see you have been interested in journalism for a long time. It shows dedication.

High school is a time to enjoy and not wish away but thinking about your future is an important part of it all especially as you become a senior student. Clubs and teams not only look great on applications and resumes but they could also lead you on a path for the rest of your life. You may find a new interest in a club and it may fuel an idea for a career that you will enjoy.

Whatever you choose to be involved in during your high school years should be fun and not too overwhelming. Get involved because it really does make your high school experience that much better! Make memories because it goes just as fast as everyone tells you!

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Mikayla is a teenage writer from Canada. She is an avid sports fan and enjoys music and reading. She plays hockey and softball and loves to write.

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