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Nikki Haley’s Resignation is Important- Here’s Why

The announcement of Nikki Haley’s resignation seemed incredibly random. Officials within the White House were caught off-guard when reporters asked about the circumstances of her resignation, because they had no idea she was planning to resign.  In the Oval Office on Tuesday morning, President Trump and Nikki Haley discussed her leave casually and calmly, the two exchanging compliments.

President Trump explained that she told him about six months ago that she may want to resign, and he accepted that. He stated he did not choose her replacement, and in the upcoming two weeks he most likely will, yet he did name Dina Powell in a later statement as an option. (Even mentioning his daughter Ivanka as a possible candidate, a statement she gently rebutted on social media).  Dina Powell is a former White House official and executive at Goldman Sachs. The president did say that he hopes Haley will return for his campaign in the future.

Nikki Haley issued a resignation letter directed to President Trump that struck down any rumors of her running for the presidency in 2020, reinforced her commitment to supporting President Trump in re-election and addressed all the changes accomplished in the United Nations. She accredited all of the United Nations’ efforts to further strengthening America and building the country up.

Nikki Haley’s smooth succession into becoming a private citizen is something that should not be noteworthy. Yet, it is. The interview was tasteful and pleasant, almost sweet. This is a stark contrast against the numerous White House and government officials that left their jobs being attacked by President Trump or being attacked by the media.

Women are a major component of the political atmosphere now, due to multiple women coming forward and describing being sexually assaulted by political figures. Despite most claims holding some truth in them and some men facing multiple allegations from various women, women end up with a harsh public reaction that can impede them to continue their daily lives.

This was not in the case of Nikki Haley, who has not faced any criticism from the media on leaving her post or faced any wrath from President Trump’s Twitter account. She did discuss issues that were controversial to the Trump administration, such as Russia and managed to support Republican beliefs such as pro-Israel and anti-Iran ideology. Haley made certain that she balanced her critiques with compromises, and made herself less politically led than others.

As news sources attempt to figure out why she is leaving her position now and propose theories, Haley admits that she simply wanted to step down and keep the political office in rotation. That may be the truth, or it may not be. All that is truly important is the fact that Haley managed to resign unscathed and is one of the first female political chair-holders to do so.

Photo Source: AP Photo (Evan Vucci) 

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