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Five Types of Guys to Avoid in Life

A teacher of mine once said that, “Having a diverse group of friends only gets you in unwanted troubles.”  I wouldn’t say she was wrong but I wouldn’t say she was completely right either– having a lot of friends, who were completely different from my type, was the reason behind how I learned about so many different things in life, like different perspectives/views, acceptance of different other people for who they really are and not necessarily for how they look, talk, walk etc. If I hadn’t been exposed to this,  I’m sure I wouldn’t even know how to deal with them.

One of such things were the different types of guys and their absolutely unique ways of damages caused to girls in real life and, sometimes, on various social media platforms. Don’t get it twisted: not all guys that are mentioned may have negative impacts on girls, but the majority have seemed to in personal experience.

  1. Rules Ratchet: The straightforwardly sick guy. These type of guys are quite hilarious because they, like the catalogs of most electronic gadgets, come with a set of rules and regulations. Be it life, the way he works, the way he talks, walks and also the way he wants his significant other to act or react. This guy will boss around his girl and compulsorily wants her to abide by his set of rules. Otherwise, it’s just seen as disrespecting him. Little does he know that majority of the girls don’t really want a man who bosses around except for when in the bedroom.
  2. Regal Romeo: The well-dignified, most impressive type of passionate guy. He very well knows about how intelligent girls, the ones that read a lot of books, find poems very seductive– especially when one is specifically written for them. Hence, this guy is so good in playing with his words; that is writing poems, short love stories, coming up with the most cutest pick-up lines that’ll not only make a girl blush but want to know more and more about his other pieces of writings. In the process of talking to a writer, girls need to make sure that they don’t fall for him in the false hope of him having some romantic intentions with her over a piece of romantic writing. After all, he is a writer and can write anything that suits his feeling for the time being.
  3. Sister Symbolizer: Yes, I agree with the statement that guys with sisters make good husbands. But that doesn’t really mean that we have to put up with someone who, every single time, brings up his sister as an example. We know your sister is a cutie, is smart, is an all-rounder in life, but calm down with talking about her twenty-four/seven. Like, imagine you’re telling a guy about how you like reading novels and he interrupts with, “My sister does too! She loves reading romantic novels, especially the ones of Cecelia Ahern…” Okay, are you getting to know me or am I getting to know about your sister?  When you’re interested in a girl, you need to pay attention to your girl specifically and observe what she likes, her hobbies and her interests alone, because not every girl is going to be like your sister. Every girl has her own unique characteristics! When you talk about your sisters all the time, it just gets us to think that you expect us to be like them which is very impossible. Like I mentioned earlier, we are all different.
  4. EXperienced Expert: The Ex-Expert, you’re right! If a guy’s ex is constantly up for discussion, it’s probably a sign that he hasn’t fully moved on, says Dr. Sheri Meyers. Completely agreed. These sort of guys bring up their ex in every topic. You will tell him you’re tired by 9 p.m. and he will say something like, “My ex used to be like you too! She used to sleep by nine, too!” These are the most toxic guys to be with,  for they actually picture every single thing with their ex in it– partly because they haven’t really moved on completely and partly because they are not willing to see the world without their ex in it.
  5. Promise Peasant: The very famous one in the last, though not the least to be aware of any future destruction. Minor or major. Like the name says it, the promise peasants are the types of guys who make promises they know they can’t keep. It turns to be very, very dangerous in the long run. Big or small, promises are promises and they tend to have a huge impact on you when they’re broken because over time you start expecting a lot and having high hopes of it happening in the future. Guys who make permanent promises according to temporary feelings eventually end up breaking them when they are just so over with whatever they felt while making them, promises in the first place. Better to let go of them earlier than later going through a lot of damage by holding onto these creeps!

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Nuskiya Nasar is a Ceylonese busy-bee who believes true success is defined by how one transforms their passion into paychecks.

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